Nez Perce, Assiniboine, and Salish born of the WhiteBear Clan …Tall Walking Standing (Silver tip) WhiteBear it is my Grandfather that call to me and walks with me in a sacred way so I can help my people. Yes, a very tall Sacred White Bear stands with me, too. The one that walks with me is taller than a two story-house.

I am Indigenous Native Nez Perce, Salish, Assiniboine. Married to a wonderful Sioux/Cheyenne man, who was more than a husband, best friend, and lifetime partner, we walked the same path in life. He never bought dishonored on his family, neither abusive nor violent towards his children or me. He made sure we never went without, even when his career took him away from home more than home, your marriage remained strong for more than 28 years until his crossing.

My spiritual, medicine, and traditional teachings began before I could speak nd continued  by one considered Saintly, Sacred Spiritual Mother, who was trained by the Ojibwa Spiritual leaders in Nebraska before the Dust Bowl, yes, they were elders trained since they were young and then they began Grandmother M training when she was very young. Yet, she was an elder when I was young and she began my training.

She also received additional training from the Sioux, Apache, Salish, and Dine. She taught more than a million people in the Sacred Spiritual way of our people, she was a missionary that claimed to use the bible but taught our spiritual traditions and use the same to heal. She was the happiest when she was helping others or working with her hands and feet in Mother Earth.

Now after 60 years of life experiences, training, lessons, spiritual research and universal guidance, I received visions, (rather strong visions) revealing it is time to share these lessons with my people and those that want to accept and follow the traditional ways…

Personal Info:

*You can say Indigenous Native or First People Native, but I am insulted when someone calls me American Indian, because I am not a puppet of the so-called US American Indian. My spirit is universal traditional and sacred; which is not for sell, or trade to the religion of the strange churches and religions that came from across the big waters

*My heart and spirit stands with the Sacred Ones, their teachings and guidance. No matter where I travelled, or where I others hide me, or how far I was away from my biological family, it mattered not . . . . The GREAT SPIRIT, SACRED ONES, and GUARDIANS did not ignore me, turn their backs on me, or deny me the sacred truths of my relations.

*Grandmother M was more than a medicine woman for she was a Sacred Wisdom Keeper, Healing, Guardian, Guide, Grandmother of the Peoples, (which others translated into Saintly Mother and truly a very Sacred Mother of the Peoples). This sacred mother was my mentor, guardian, protector, and the one that saved me many times from death and on a few occasions brought me back even after I have crossed.

She had one gift I wish I could have learned: being in a crowd and not seen or walk among ones enemies and yet, they could not see or sense her. This gift is what she used to protect me from many enemies after a violent break in, which left many shot, when some lived and others died. Years, later I was informed the church feared me because of prophesy spoken and visions received. They feared I would cause a revolution against the church, but the fact was I would bring about revelations. I would expose the things they wanted to hide, and thus the church offered money and booze to those that killed mother and child.

Grandmother M received a number of visions about a child who was here to help the people the child is Red Sun. Before this event took place, she received instruction revealing whom to see, who to be aware of, and whom to speak with, along with who and what was behind the plot. The vision also told her what she needed to do to and who she could trust to help rescue the child, Red Sun from death.

This is how she became my grandmother and it was through her my training began, which was the other part of her visions; she was to teach me in the sacred ways. Her teachings became my foundation. And her spiritual guidance has stated with me. But like I said before just because I was removed from my reservation and taken from my relations, the Great Spirit, Sacred Ones, Guardians, Elders and Ancients have neither denied me nor failed to teach me so I could return to help the peoples of the nations.

The term PEOPLES of the NATIONS is not something to for one to take lightly, especially after I received a sacred medicine shield, quiver with arrows, a bow, and to guardians with lance and spear to stand with me. When they arrived I was told the sacred power I have received, was determined by the Highest of the Most High Council of Chiefs and the Great Spirit, I received the power meant for me to help protect and watch over the peoples of the nations.

Several medicine men and Chiefs spoke with the Sacred Father during ceremonies and learned answered to the power gifted  . . . . In truth, the sacred medicine came not for one nation of tribe, but for all the peoples since we are all one sacred nation. Before the medicine shield arrived, I received a very sacred buffalo skull, prepared for me by the Grandfathers and afterwards a medicine pipe, the Sacred Ones ordered past to me, after I past several tests to prove I was intone with and connected to the medicine pipe.

Remember: in the heart, mind and eyes of the Sacred Ones, we do not need to have paperwork to prove we are his children of the Sacred People of his Red Nation or any of his sacred children even, if we have been given numerous bodies our sacred spirits of the Red Circle of Life are still stand together in his Sacred Universe. So why has so many of our people come to say the Sacred Father and Elders had forsaken them.


Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

To answer a question I have been seeing in a few places across the World Wide Web. To answer that question is the simplest way possible. I have lived a very extreme life, for a number of reason, but mainly to reawaken the sacred traditional truths and values of the Indigenous Native Peoples that were here long before this land was invaded. My purpose is to help connect the past with the present and the future.

God is Red and the Indigenous Native Peoples of this land were his sacred people. It was not meant for the whites to destroy, but for them to learn the sacred ways from the Peoples of this land. Now I come to show the way the sacred ways, traditions, culture, knowledge and medicine still exist. We can become one with the Spiritual Universe again, and if we do not we might be lost forever.

How I lived taught me many truths and allowed me to understand a great deal or universal knowledge. No, I am not a god or goddess; I am only one of many messenger/teacher, maybe if you read the section below you might get a glimpse at why I appear so strange or detached, from what most consider the main stream of life. I life in this universe, with one-foot in the spiritual realm all the time, and the other trying to connect with life here.

In truth and planned by the Sacred Ones and Sacred Father wanted the  Sacred Truths long denied the people we taught and awaken them to the sacred truths, break the bonds that enslaved them, and correct the twisted words by others, who claimed the one called Jesus taught and wanted them to follow. They meant for us help to awaken the people and in the process Mother Earth and humanity would have been able to walk together in harmony. Thus we would by now be physically, mentally and spiritually so much more advanced.

WHY Spiritual Physics … YOU ASK

WHY Spiritual Physics … YOU ASK


Why Spiritual Physics . . . I know many people wonder why and what are the reasons I use the terms Spiritual Physics, Universal Physics, and Quantum Physics?  First reason: Flat line dead five or six times, when spirit departs physical forms. A couple of times medical staff declared me death and once I even received toe tag, but the worse was when a doctor declared me dead and began to cut me for an autopsy. Luckily, I told two doctors, before this surgery, I have a habit of dying on the operating table.

         Once you have made as many crossing as I have, spent a good number of years as a trance medium, taking so many spirit walks, and witnessed countless events people call miracles it is easy to begin to see and understand why, because these events have been great teachers.

In Brief Five Spirit Crossing Eventss


In Brief What Events Caused me to cross so many times;

since I returned you might say their were temporary spiritual crossing and sacred life journeys.


First Crossing: Drunken lust, selfishness, greed, and hated and came one afternoon, by way of the one that took me in for money, She decided to kill me in the same way . . . she killed her biological daughter . . . drowning both in an over size four claw bathtub..  She pitched me against the wall behind the bathtub with water close to the very top. She wanted to make it appear, I fell in the tub and drowned she answered the telephone; I turned the water on, and over filled the tub. Which is the reason, I tried to climb out, instead, I slipped backwards, and knocked myself out, when I hit my head and back, and drowned. This was her reason, she tossed me against the wall to insure, and bruises would appear on my back and head . . . while she was on the telephone.


Second Crossing: I fell two stories off a slid and hit the ground, which stopped heart and lungs. The only reason I say I dead here was due to what a doctor and nurse, husband and wife, on the scene, who said I was not breathing when they arrived. They soon got concerned, since they were not able to get a heartbeat, for a good twelve minutes. Two-four years old girls playing at water’s edge on Pismo Beach, without supervision, when we put wet sand at the top of on a two-story high slide, which is where I toppled from and hit the ground. This one is questionable, but when I did return, the count of living five and the count of bodiless spirits more than fifty standing around me.


Third and Fourth Crossings: I died twice in one day (under six hours apart.) Third crossing departed around thirty minutes; and the fourth crossing it is assumed estimate I slipped away close to forty-five if not more minutes the second time. The reason an estimate, because the nurse had been out of the room for more than fifteen minutes, prior to calling Code Blue and more than thirty-five minutes before the Priest arrived to give me Last Rites.


 Fifth Crossing: I was summoned across to meet with the Sacred Highest of Highest Council of Archangel Chiefs and the Sacred Son of the Sacred Father who is the Eternal Light of Life Eternal. Again I know I was standing before the High Council at least five hours, to stand trial to determine if SunHawk would be allowed to life because my prayers for his life had proven too . . . selves.   


Sixth crossing: Several hours after my appendix ruptured, huge amounts of peritonitis and other toxic poisons ran rapid throughout system, but none were aware of all the danger or one rather large secondary sack of gangrene, until too late, when the surgeon scalpel hit cut into and ruptured the sack. Rapid poison, system shutdown, and spirit left to make its sacred journey home, once again. Lucky, for me I told two doctors, prior to surgery, I have a habit of dying during operation, but don’t give up since I do return. This time was after SunHawk crossed and I really did not want to return, but . . . .


Short Short Breakdown of Spirit Crossing


Now you know the short-short version, and breakdown, but no details or what happened afterwards. Considering each crossing awakens/bestows wisdom along with sacred knowledge and spiritual gifts to increase and/or enhance certain abilities. Nothing is so simple, when one realizes what is required aka demanded of each individual, because sometime it might include ones family members, too.

Sacred truth: once a person crosses their current and future lifetimes instantly change in many various ways. Gifts plus abilities, equals new assignments, enhanced objectives and increased responsibilities, this the Sacred Father requires of each individual he sends back. What most do not recall instantly upon rebirth arrival: the volumes of data and information one absorbs; rewiring of mental abilities; wonderful new spiritual responsibilities that come with ones new awareness; which in unique ways slowly awakens one to sacred spiritual cognizance?

This does not mean one is given power or position to mislead or misguide ones people, but to help and guide. Truth, most sacred spiritual leaders, spiritual warriors and/or sacred medicine elders, normally, cross at least three times or when urgent events of changing conditions. Spiritual Medicine Elders and Leaders do not consider their trainees to possess quality spiritual wisdom and until they have crossed at least three different times. First two times are sacred personal training, periods of evolvement tests, for those who cross and return; however the third journey, awaken individuals to discover the sacred blessings and understand the spiritual universe and our connection with the Sacred Father?

The third crossing gives them the ability to cross freely, speak with their guardians, guides, and teachers, even seek answers in the universe, or speak with the Sacred Father. This enhances ones ability to connect with various universal components; which produces good medicine elders; recognized by the people as sacred spiritual elders.


If you are interested continue to read beyond this point, This gives you details of how these events occurred, what I experienced, which combined gifts, knowledge, responsibilities, and obligations, each crossing also imparts support to enhance ones spiritual life journeys and adventures.

First Crossing planned Murder

First Crossing planned Murder with a Strong Spiritual Awakening Twist

First Crossing:

A woman that could not accept being a guardian and even worse yet, have anything to do with the term motherhood, made her violent and ill, spent every possible hour in the bars and/or sleeping with different men, after hours. One day, her carefree lifestyle changed, when Grandmother M’s friend called, when she went out and told me not to answer the phone, because she did not want me to tell anyone her secret. Why, I did answer the phone and parrot her words, I am not real sure, except a voice told me to answer the phone and speak.

The voice asked if the woman was home and I answered; “It is a secret, she has gone to the bar to shoot pool with the boys and get drunk, but she no want anyone to know.” Shortly there after five family members were in the house, looking for her, gramps called the local bar and discovered this was her common daily activity. Gramps found her in the bar and told everyone she had accepted a child into her home, and received good money from the government, who paid white families to take in Native Indian children from the Reservations.

She wanted the money but nothing to do with the child, her mother asked her to look after. Once, the people in the bar learned about the way she abandoned the child, because they knew she was in the bar, daily and how long she stayed. Her behavior was the real reason people wanted nothing to do with her, but in her mind . . . the only way people would love her again, and she could get her youth back . . . if the child died. She had killed her first child before Grandmother M received visions to save the child, Red Sun, and teach her in the traditional ways of the Sacred Red Peoples Traditions and Medicines. The vision referred to sacred spiritual traditions, cultural and medicine ways of the Indigenous Natives. Her visions showed her where the child Red Sun and mother were in hiding, and the danger before her.


One in a long line of extremes for Red Sun; some wanted the child and mother dead, which would have been, if not Grandmother M to rescue, hide, and teach Red Sun in the sacred way of the ancients. Teaching the same sacred traditions, sacred traditional elders, the sacred guardian, and sacred spiritual ones taught her. She hid me in the house of her daughter, now you know why and how I ended up in the house of lust, hate, and death and the conditions that cast Red Sun into a bathtub overflowing with water, learning how to breathe underwater.

Reality, her toss that sent me against the wall, behind the four-claw-tub, did bruised head and back, plus something injured hurt, my neck, too. The slam into the wall knocked the air out of my lungs, shorting the crossing time for Red Sun. Once in the water, the woman held the child’s head under, until gave no more resistance except for lifeless floating.


Before the bathtub crossing, I was able to parrot simple sentences. The morning after I was able to communicate in full intelligent sentences and hold my own in conversations, without parroting the day prior. Reading the woman’s thoughts before she tossed, I realized for Red Sun’s survival it meant, learn how to breathe water. Once the woman left the bathroom, the Sacred Mother, swiftly arrives, standing on a cloud, she reaches out and holds close to her, the sacred spirit of Red Sun, we waited together on her cloud at the Sacred Vortex, with the Sacred White Eagle flying above to watch after us and one Tall Standing Walking Silver Tip Grizzly stands behind us.

The Sacred Father connected with Grandmother M instructing her to once again, rescue Red Sun from premature death. Grandmother M her in real time, listened to and observed the behavior of her greedy daughter and what was happening to Red Sun. It was a good twenty-three minute drive, if not more, from the Salvation Army Mission, to where we lived. The morning after the day before Grandmother M began Red Sun’s intense training.

At the Vortex, one is able to perceive and receive vast amounts of wisdom and awareness, some akin to leaving kindergarten and going to a University. This is where University spiritual awareness, awakened sacred intellectual age advanced. Between the uniquely spiritual adventure underwater and Grandmother M casting all the water out, the Sacred Mother and guardians removed barriers between realms; which was the first step to vast spiritual knowledge, responsibilities and its abilities, too.

Once Grandmother M, grabbed the (physical form) of Red Sun by heels, and with one hard blow, she expelled most of the water from the lungs, and by the second blow finished the water flow, signaling revitalization via heartbeat pumping blood and oxygen. Grandmother M used her healing hands to return total spiritual and physical, mind and form, with her massages. Once warmed up and life awakened, she dressed me warm before she feed me real food, not milk and toast the woman handed me in bed. Dressed in clean clothes and laid in a clean bed, and WOW, what a great night, I slept ad/or journeyed the entire night with the angels and guardians who came, with guidance and lessons. Shocker, when I discovered how much more one can learn in the sacred realm, in a span of a few hours, (our time), than one learns here in a couple of years. Amazing how I did sleep, even with all the screaming and shouting in the house.

Gramps took his greedy daughter away, to a mental hospital, or so I was told, and Grandmother M began to teach me in the sacred ways. What I found interesting is how the Sacred Mother on the cloud, said I was not allowed to cross because thousands of lives depended on me, and how without me thousands of lives would perish needlessly and thousands more would be lost forever. It was too important for me not to stay. I wish they had the respect to say more so I could understand what the meaning was behind their words and why.


One major life changing journey to the Vortex, removed the blocks and barriers between the material and spiritual realms. Very few are born with the abilities to transcend the two realms from birth. Except, very few understand early life lessons, but I was forced into realization of two realms connection, which help me understand the shadow realm of demons and demonic creatures.

Yes, I was born with certain spiritual abilities; second-sight, telepathic sensitivity, spiritual communication, and a strong insight sensitivity to energies. These connections, however immature, I was capable of sensory perceptions; which included visualization links of thoughts and sounds with past, present and future actions. Communication interaction with nature’s children proved to be Red Sun’s teachers, long before telepathic verbalization forms of communications. Nature my sacred teacher who assisted me to learn in unique ways, and through the eyes of animals I learned much about their sacred knowledge, and how to observe humanity’s games

The crossover journey strengthen certain uncanny ability to observe the lies people spoke, see color of the lies, sense the hostile energies in sounds and colors, see aura colors and observe those who walk in the shadow. Observe demonic creatures and how they deceived mortal beings. For a time that created and uneasiness within and the only one I could speak with to help me understand was Grandmother M.

Yes, the abilities of a child were immature, however, this crossing advanced my awareness and abilities by ten years; however, prior to crossing the This first crossing set a major stage for the rest of my life, but only retrospect is when we understand the underlying reason to learn and experience with enlightenment connected to Spiritual Physics.


When heaven experience pain, worse then what I experience underwater: each time a person lies or cursed ones guardians suffer pain and when external violence increases and/or use foul language, our spirit reacts with body throughout and continues’ stop, until those who lied or spoke foul language . . .  apologized, cleaned up their language and/or spoke words of truth. Have you every hurt so bad pain invites spirit to cry. Well what I experienced was a lesson to understand what happens in heaven, what the Sacred Father, angels and guardians, have to endure when anger, lies, foul language, violence against nations and each other.

Lies and deceive among nations hurt the Sacred Father and the Sacred Council of Elders with the same amount of violence. Now maybe you understand a few of reasons our guardians will turn away from us; until we respect ourselves and others . . . We need to show love and respect instead of displaying hate and anger, foul language and lies, if we want to have our guardians to help us.


A few days later a family friend delivered a puppy, which turned out to be a spiritual warrior sent to protect me, from the one that wanted me dead. He was more than what eyes perceived. Truths of events I witnessed and experiences regarding four-legged guardians:

1.      Angels speak with and supply instructions to our guardians, since they are here to help us learn certain lessons and protect us.

2.      Animal guardians are our record keepers, many are sent to observe us, and have their own angels to guide them to be our teachers.

3.      Our animal guardians are capable of communication on several diverse telepathic platforms, in diverse ways . . . simultaneously. Yet, most people refuse to believe anything beyond the lower material five-sense.

4.      Spiritual Truth: Animals return to the same sacred spiritual realm, we go to, also. Fact, they are sacred spirits. In fact, one might be surprised how important animal guardians really are throughout the universe.

Second Crossing I see Dead People

Second Crossing I see Dead People

Second Crossing:

I confirm was strange, because the dead summonsed me, to acknowledge and experience them; which I was not sure of until after the doctor got breathing and heart started. Opened eyes observe a crowd of spirits, with only four or five mortals kneeling over me. Not sure if the spirits wanted attention, to either help me cross or recover. Realty, they were trapped and needed help from someone who had the ability to recognize them. What they wanted required the knowledge Grandmother M and her spiritual group had. Glad they listened and went to Pismo Beach to help those trapped resolve to their issues and crossover. Not much fun for a child to be able to see and entire act with dead people, and everyone thinking you mentally imbalanced, while Grandmother M was a saint and she communicated with dead people.

Third and Fourth Crossing Read it to Believe IT


Third and Fourth Crossing this one you have to read to believe

These events caused a number of people to beleive


Third and Fourth Crossing:

Began with an auto accident which left me paralyzed from the neck down, until an angel came an put my spine back in place; which allowed me to walk again, and hold my head up . . . only a few hours before I was scheduled for spinal surgery. Because I was seeing a beautiful silver-blue surrounding me, I asked the doctors to give me seventy-four hours before they operated, and then I only had a 40-60 chance of walking with the surgery.

What no one realized is how I was pregnant, or how much damaged the steering wheel caused the fetus, until a miscarriage happened the between third and fourth month, during 4th of July weekend. Unsure of the problem or the reason for the massive bleeding, I refused to go to the hospital, until my doctor returned from his holiday.

          Third Crossing: Took everyone by surprise, on the operating table, under sedation, my spirit spoke and shocked everyone in the operating room, when I said I am going to die because of the poisons from the infections, in my blood. Before the doctor could say anything, I ask everyone in the operating room to stand witness to my last will and testament. The doctor was amazed at all the details of what goes where right down to the silverware, and dishes.

Next I asked for everyone in the room to give me their name, and promise they would made sure my children went to a person whose name I gave, but I did not know, because no matter what happened, no relations were qualified to take care of my children, I really wanted them to go to a certain reservation and be raised by the spiritual leader, but I knew they would refuse, so they had to go to a person the Sacred Father approved and not my parents. In fact, they were not to come close to them for any reason and then I listed a number of reasons. Once I completed with what I had to say I flat lined.

No matter how hard they tried, they could not get me to return, after thirty minutes gave-up and began to pull the plugs and shut down all the equipment, but the doctor still wanted to finish the surgery and as he we closing up, I returned and shocked him. He did not want to call me dead until he completed the surgery. Earth time . . . from exodus to rebirth the doctor said was in the area of thirty-two or thirty-seven minutes. What I remember when I returned, one real deep breath and a shout of “I am back, doctor. Oh! how I’m freezing cold, what happened?”

Forth Crossing: Two-hours after the doctor assumed it was save to deposit a very cold body in a room wrapped in more than a foot-deep of blankets. The nurse assigned to monitor this Red Sun, for the next eight hours, left the room for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and Red Sun spilt, again.

Someone reported my condition to dad; he called a priest to give me Last Rites, the doctors still tried for more than forty-minutes, to get a heartbeat but no heartbeat. This time they called family members and to let them I had crossed. Dad arrived with the priest to give me Last Rites. Truth, he remembered what has happened in the past, so he did not want them to transport the body to the morgue, until he could see his daughter; which allows more time for me to return.

Coming into the room, I could hear a Priest giving Last Rites, and observe two nurses, a doctor and dad were standing in the room, too. First thoughts he can not finish, if I am going to survive, if he finishes I will not be allowed to stay. The poor Priest, I screamed, “I am not dead yet, how dare you give me Last Rites.” Simultaneously, either conscious or subconscious reacted with arms flaying in the air, when one arm connected not so gently, and knocked him off balance. Truth, not fully conscious, my spirit was aware of how close I was to the point of no return and reacted with a spirit struggling to reconnect and stabilize. (Red Sun’s third and fourth crossing journeys; provided some wonderful knowledge and gifts I can share with others.)


Entrance into the Sacred Garden of Life Eternal: What a wonderful place with many Sacred Mothers of the People, sitting around without shoes, to welcome one who had come to visit with them. After they welcomed me, they made it clear I had a very important life journey ahead of me. What they said I did not understand, because they called Red Sun a very important Mother of the People, then they went into the importance and urgency of events and why I must return and remain in this physical form, until I am called home.

What I can say of this place nothing dies, grows old, nor decays. The beauty is beyond words; for the colors pure, honest, clear and real not murky or clouded. No brown edges to flowers, only continual life and growth. The grass grows green, abundant, thick, and strong on both sides of this Creek of Life Eternal. One beautiful creek filled with crystal clear blue water, Creek of Life Eternal Water, which was also the sacred force restricting Red Sun to the Garden of Life Eternal where the Sacred Mothers gathered to visit.

The Sacred Mothers of the Peoples explained; “I was not allowed in the villages, since you must return home to save the people, because without you thousands would perish needlessly and others will be lost forever. Red Sun, we know it is hard for you to understand, but you are a very important Sacred Mother of the Red Peoples and to the Sacred Father. The Sacred Father, himself, sent you back to save the people for without, you, too much will be lost. To cross that foot bridge, is to cross into the point of no return, and we cannot let you cross.”

I asked; Is there not are others beside me that can help the people, why can’t I stay here, and join my relations, I don’t even know who I am, where I came from or who my mother really is and you want me to return, to save a people that know not that I exist, let others help the people.”

True, different nationalities of whites, blacks, and others have their own saviors, but without me the people of the Red Nations, will perish needlessly and all will be lost.”

“Please, I did not want to return cannot you understand, the pain is too great and I do not know, if I standup under it any longer.” When I finished saying those words I headed out to go across the footbridge and join relations on the other side. I felt sure enough, the final decision was mine; which might have been, if the Sacred Father of Light and Life Eternal did not have other plans for me.


The creek’s bridge did not allow those whose time had not come to crossover to the Sacred Nation of Life Eternal. Nevertheless, the longer I stayed, the stronger the eternal call to join my relations became. In truth, after a certain amount of time I struggled to remain in the garden, the allure to cross proved impossible to resist. Truth, my spirit wanted to join my relations. Nevertheless, the greatest pain developed when I sensed Grandmother M, and other relations in the sacred village of traditional elders, I heard her voice in the chats. Yes, we all could hear the chats, drummers, and laughter, along with the sound of children and animals: dogs, horses, bears, wolves, eagles, hawks and many others in the villages, too. Beyond gaining a sacred awareness of a wonderful experience, what else can one say?

On the bridge and the destination, of one stubborn Red Sun changed . . . one step before the halfway point, on the bridge of no return linking realms arrived two-Sacred Guardian Chiefs. Each dressed in all white-buckskins, wearing double row medicine bonnets of all pure white eagle feathers, longer than they were tall, quickly appeared on each side, took hold of Red Sun and transported one eternal spirit for reconnection with physical form. They received instruction to make sure I remained in my mortal skin and did not try to escape again. In truth, two-guardians are not quit and they insured I received both ears full on the journey to connect with Red Sun’s physical form. They must have stood eight or nine-feet tall; if not taller.

Until, assigned to watch over me and mine, they were sacred guardians to the Sacred Father. They explained sacred angels, and guardians to the Sacred Father of Life and Light Eternal are much taller than mortals on earth. Before I left the hospital, a total of four were assigned, to protect, guide and teach us. Needless, to say we kept and still do keep them busy.


Yes, each crossing proved easier to gain more sacred, traditional, spiritual, and universal wisdom, because it is easy to connect with the sacred ones, too. Each journey increase ones connection with greater spiritual awareness. Each return of ones soul/spirit, ones mortal and eternal spirit receives enriched comprehension of our sacred universe, along with new abilities. Despite consequences, leading up to and/or connected to say events, once one returns, after the first couple of days, it will take several weeks or months, before one realizes ones new life direction. Awakening to a new direction of life, is not something most people full realize within the first twenty or thirty days after return crossing.

Ones journey across can equate to several cycles or a couple of hours with the Sacred Ones, yet, we may return to our form within less than an hour earth time, from when we went on our journey, I refer to as temporary crossing. During our visit we ingest centuries of information, and undergo training in order to learn how to handle new gifts. Once we return from are crossing visitation, we can and will still receive more enlightenment information, which is in . . . Truth . . . our spiritual awakening.

Fifth Crossing Very Unexpected

 Fifth Crossing was Very Unexpected
 However, for the number of lives saved
 I am glad this Crossing happened

Fifth Crossing: 

After the fourth crossing, I became a trance medium, meditated a lot, went on spirit walks and a number of spiritual journeys, which made the fifth crossing much easier when summonsed across. If it have not been so important for me to crossover this time I do not believe it would have happened and I would have only gone on a spirit walk, but I had to travel to far for too long, and the question of my survival also, hung in the balance. Truth, without this crossing, a number of people would have died, besides SunHawk, StillsWater and I, Red Sun.

           Now these fifth crossing, gave me the opportunity to for extensive observation, along with numerous experiences. This is when I discovered numerous links our material universe with our spiritual universe. This is when I got to see the Sacred and Highest of the Highest Council of Archangel Chiefs. Hard to explain the combination of events that helped me absorb pure sacred spiritual/universal wisdoms including powerful physics abilities using universal, and spiritual quantum physics. This included countless realities one is not taught in church linked to the Sacred Father’s universal knowledge, while I was on trial. Twisted truths regarding our sacred spiritual reality mislead humanity into a false sense of security, which is why I was on trial.

False teachings, of the Sacred Father of Light Eternal cause others to believe one mistake and they are condemned for eternity, so it matters not what they do they are going to Hell. This is a falsehood that causes many people to become criminals, and turn against the Sacred Father. The same false teachings have harmed our people for centuries. Teachings we do not have to accept or allow them to control or destroy us.

This crossing also brought together fragments of knowledge, in waiting. Provided completed picture to details sitting on the spiritual shelve of prayers, questions, and parcel answers and/or a few details. I have of shelve of answers and questions, I asked the Sacred Father, the shelve IN WAITING I began when I was less than three years of age. The place I put my questions, the sacred answers, visions, concepts and life adventure all of which needed the proper connections and/or information for true and honest awakenings and/or enlightenments.

Much the same way a scientist has an idea and desire, but it might take him a few years or decades to get the right solution to complete his research, prayers are very much the same way. Life, our guardians, and the Sacred Father will guide us along paths; send us on many journeys and even a few adventures to help us gain the insight and abilities to understand the answers and questions. Truth, said guidance, life lessons, journeys and adventures, most of us would not fully comprehend. Now maybe you can understand why my life lessons and adventures have been extreme. I could not help, teach or understand others, if I did not experience or had not lived some part of the sacred indigenous ways of the Red Nations of our Sacred Father Eternal, lessons. What more can I say one needs to live the life and journey in the true traditions, or experience the power of Sacred Elders, guardians and Sacred Father Eternal; which means my walk was a lot more intense than most of our peoples.


[Strange one year past I post the information connected to this amazing journey, but it seems I always make things too long, because I need to get the truth and facts across. If you are interested then click on this link and it will give you the complete four chapter article I call . . . Selfish Prayers are Dangerous Try Caring for Many, which is what I learned when I crossed for the fifth time and much more, too:!3E69AAE204A6CCFD!2464/ Not all the lessons or extreme knowledge did I combine in the four chapters.] 


Unique but fact true: this crossing is when I finally realized, we are eternal and therefore our eternal beginning does not die; we only discard our physical forms, and move on to another assignment; since we are eternal beings of light energy, eternal life. Yes, I first recognized this when Grandmother M crossed, and she visited me, but the Whiteman’s Church, made it seem we are trapped in our physical form and we will not be reborn until Jesus returns. In the house of my Father are many mansions, and it is only through me you can come onto the Father. The Sacred Son of Our Eternal Father greets those that enter the House of the Sacred Father Eternal, and he escorts each one that enters the home, to each one individual path, the Sacred Father’s assigns them. A few days to rest and then it is time to take on ones new universal assignments. Fact, individual crossings equates into one graduation/promotion, to different spiritual sections of the universe. Nevertheless, to understand why I almost did not return you would have to read the four chapters connected to the like I provided.

Sixth Crossing in more details

Greater Details about the Sixth Crossing and a few events leading up to the Sixth Crossing

Sixth crossing:

Several hours, eighteen hours in reality, after my appendix ruptured, huge amounts of peritonitis and other toxic poisons had begun to run rapid throughout my system. Many years earlier I had my appendix close to rupture, with a massive kidney stone. No, when the problem started I could not find time to go until all my grocery shopping and house cleaning was done. Around 0300 hours some twenty hours since the pain began, I went to the hospital, the blood examples showed I needed emergency surgery, without the surgery death was possible.

          The nurses began to prep me for surgery, however, when they left the room, something within me felt if they operated I would die. Prayers, begging, tearful fears, “Help me Father, Help me Mother, Grandmothers and guardians help me, if they operate I know I will die, I know this is something else it wrong and if they operate I will die. I continue to cry and plead with the Sacred Grandmothers and Grandfathers to help me; I know I would die if they operated.   

          Then it happened, a very large hand reach through the hospital from heaven . . . only the center of the palm covered me from neck to knees; what a wonderful feeling. The sacred hand flood and engulf my entire physical form with gentle, energy, which helped to heal and relax every fiber of my being. It was easy to sense the poisons departing muscles and blood. The violent energy and excessive place is replaced with comfort and relaxation.

Before the sacred hand from heaven departed the voice of the one who came spoke: This is the last time we will heal you from appendix ruptures, the next time you will have to undergo surgery. Remember we did this because you have other problems that need to be handled, first or you would have died. Make sure they do another serious of blood tests, before they take you into surgery. After the appendix flare-up, the problems were major . . . kidney stones the size of a silver dollar in my right kidney, and 109 tumors and cysts in my female organs. The surgery could have created a number of serious life threatening conditions, which I might not have been able to recover from even with the sacred healing.


Twenty-years and three months later: Right after SunHawk crossed, stress caused a major flare-up and the pain was worse than it had ever been in the past from child birth, to kidney stones. Truth, I soon began to experience all the pain I experienced the last three times my crazy appendix flared up. I never knew a body can expel so much liquid or it could come up from ones bowels, with such a bad, taste. More than 60 gallons of waste made its way out, before I decided to ask someone to drive me to the hospital. I am convinced the massive discharge of waste and toxins is what saved my life or I would have died before they decided to operate.

          Yes, I prayed to the Sacred Grandmothers and Grandfather to help me overcome this pain and heal me, I did not want to go to the hospital. I had no insurance which meant I had to go to the country hospital, with doctors that had no respect for the patients who came there. The voice came back: Not this time we have healed you before and we told you the last time, when your appendix flared up you would have to undergo surgery. After several hours of begging, I had to ask some friends to drive me to the hospital, I was too sick to drive myself.

          By the time I arrived at the hospital, a good amount of poison had been discharged, so my exam and blood work, gave the doctors more cause to disbelieve me. They considered sending me home, until my friend told them, about the amount of liquid discharge and the colors or yellow, green and brown. They had never seen one person discharge so much liquid in under an hour. The next morning they did an ultrasound and discovered the appendix had ruptured and was wrapped around my colon and lower intestine. The nurse that called me a liar when I was doubled over in pain, had to eat her foods and I requested and apology.  

Emergency surgery was scheduled and off I go to surgery, two of the surgeons, I had not seen so I request another doctor to be present, he knew my past history of being summonsed. No x-ray or ultrasound showed the danger of possible death; one rather large secondary sack of gangrene. When the surgeon made his second incision, his scalpel ruptured the secondary sack. Rapid poison spread, system shutdown, and spirit left to make a sacred journey home, once again. Lucky, for me I told two doctors, prior to surgery, I have a habit of dying during operation, and asked them not to give up since I do return. This time was after SunHawk crossed and I really did not want to return, but . . . .

          This the lead doctor doing the operation assumed I was dead-dead and he was going to perform an autopsy right there in the operating room and see the extent of the problem – how and why is killed me. It took an heated discussion for the other doctors to stop and they competed the surgery. I was in the hospital for four week with my stomach slowly healing from the inside out, because of the poisons in my system and the amount of cleansing required or I could have died again. I have a big enough scar from the over zealous doctor.


This time I was able to met with SunHawk and receive instructions from the Elders about what I needed to do and the extreme danger I was still in. They wanted me to move, as soon as possible, (ASAP). Those adventures I will leave for another time. This is not the place to give you all the details and spiritual awakenings afterwards, because spiritual events require a good number of chapters. If you are interested let me know.

Don’t Ever Forget . . . Haunting Memories Summons

Written in traditional storyteller style
After weeks of working on the article and sorting out my files, I decided to write this in traditional storyteller style. It is a composite article, filled with facts and information, which gives you the different sides from a third person prospective.
I have not got it cataloged because the site went down for awhile. ON the right hand side of you monitor it is three sections, so you can have the opportunity to read it similar to chapters. No fair reading the last section first, you will spoil the mystery.
Sections of the short story:

Don’t Ever Forget . . . Memories
Don’t Ever Forget … Drummers Sound … Spirit Awakens
Don’t Ever Forget … Dangerous Breaking Point
the following are in the same section of Dangerous Breaking Points
Don’t Ever Forget … What One Learns
Don’t Ever Forget . . . What happened to Red Sun
Mysterious Grandparents


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