Section Five—Spirit Mood Point Critical Question

A time for Blessings and Love to All 
Section Five –Spirit Mood Point and Critical Question
Last Section to Red Sun Unwrapped

Section Five—Spirit Mood Point Critical Question


Interested taking a complete journey with me

Experience life blessings and discover the Sacred Power and Wondrous Ways of Prayers.

In the process one can learn to develop ones, own prayer foundations.

Discover ones innermost life for the development of spiritual awareness.



In many of my articles, I want to change around and stop playing it safe, but to give you the entire pray from the foundation up. Instead of saying I prayed, I would like to share with you what happen. The many life journeys and adventures, which developed and the sacred ways to pray, if you are interested? (FYI:  The prayers are non-sectarian, non-denominational, and neither race nor nationality pacific. Pray is a universe of sacred spiritual/universal physics.

Now I want to share with you, some of the unique ways I learned, to pray and at the same time help you to develop a spiritual/universal relationship. Bonus to the way sacred elders taught me, you will be able to understand sense the sacred flow of spiritual life energies and learn how to work with spiritual physics. If you are interested let me know I would love to hear from you.

Prayers can enrich amazing quantum power, once one learns what to do and how to make it happen. Each time you/we pray for the wellness healing of another; you/we open our heart, spirit, mind, and total being up to the Sacred Father, angels, ones ancestors, guardians, and/or spirit guides.


Today, after years of experience, I firmly believe and accept we can do so much more with Prayers, because it is the window to and enhance our Spiritual Physics, in ways, many only dream of, no matter what we start with pray to help cultivate and improve our environments  in a positive direction:

Pray power had great abilities, if one has faith, and when handled right, each can move mountains. Faith the size of a mustard seed can grow to fill ones spirit-heart and life and then the spirit-heart of others. Our total oneness of Mind, Body, and Spirit can enhance our ability to understand and use amazing Spiritual Physics. Faith can help a person survive, while fear takes one or many in the opposite direction and invites death. Prays can influence the direction of life and history. We were never dumb, savages, people needed to believe.  

One needs to learn to pray without fear and/or lacking faith in ones spirit-heart.

[Example: Preconceived concepts can be harmful and destructive, as you read about my Honorary PhD incident and the behavior of others that wanted to believe their perceived truth and refuse to see or accept the sacred reality of truth.]



If any of you are interested, I need your input. I too am interested in reading your opinions. You can email me or post your opinions this prologue is the deciding factor, which way this and my other sites go. Looking forward to reading you opinions—In sincere spiritual love from Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk


Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk 2008



The end of Red Sun EagleHawk Unwrapped

I would like your opinions and comments




7 thoughts on “Section Five—Spirit Mood Point Critical Question”

  1. The power of prayer needs no denomination, Prayer comes from within, and is almost intictive.. But I believe we need to use prayer properly.. I know that when prayers have been sent with faith, and love and when more than one pray together for the same thing with good intent. Miracles can and do happen.. Prayer Circles have been known for instance to reduce crime spots in their cities.So my dear friend, I am always willing to learn how to use prayer properly to help heal ourselves, those we love, and so help the world heal also.. And look forward to reading more. Dreamwalker x

  2. Prayer of any form is an acceptance of a faith and belief in something higher than the physical formThe use of prayer is a positive faith of the soul that nurtures the positive side of the physical mindWithout prayer the spiritual mind becomes open for the negative forces of fear to germinate and growthis in turn affects the physical well being of the individual that then goes on to cause illness and ailmentscausing many of the sicknesses we know of today such as mental diseaseThe use of prayer can be used to stop wars and all negative aspects that affect mankind todayIan

  3. Like how prayer is described as spiritual physics. Enjoy to read how prayer can create results. Thanks for post and desire to share openly the effort and effects of prayer. Ho.

  4. I beleive in the way of my people, that the power of prayer comes from the truth of the heart. It\’s intention gives it direction, and the power of emotion gives it momentum; but the prayer will not fly to the Sky Fathers if there is friction.

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