Section Four—Heart Speaks

If you have read this far then you realize why I have been concerned and why it is important
For me to share with you the knowledge I have gained and/or reawakened.
The time has come for sleepers to awakened and my heart needs to speak and share the spiritual knowledge long sidesteps.
Once you complete reading this section and want to still be friends
I welcome you

Section Four—Heart Speaks

Point One-Sacred Spirit-Heart Awakens to Sacred Love


Heart Needs to Hear

Heart Needs to Speak

Heart Needs to Release


Right now, the voice of my spirit says:

It is time to explore and expose, why ones heart wants to sing for joy and why it wants me to release that which a part of Red Sun has been trying to hide and if you hide, does it not mean you are trying to deny ones Sacred Truth?

What my heart wants to release, is the reality of what I have wanted to hide. It is hard to believe, but only time will explain why there are great tears of JOY and HAPPY, awakening to brightness of light singing out and shining up and touching the spirit sky. I am beginning to feel and hear in my throat and if I do not speak them, they will chock off my breathing and stop my heart for trying to shallow and stop them from coming forth, if I do not speak.

Remember, can you answer why across more than three-decades across numerous Sacred Spiritual Leaders, Honorable Chiefs, and Sacred Spiritual/Medicine Elders and Spiritual Warrior Elders; were shown and sent to ask you to accept your life. They want you to awaken to the sacred reality within the words: which arrives each one linked to you sacred visitation visions, along with all your personal visits with the Sacred Father. Links the Sacred Ones designed to help you make the connection and awaken to your sacred life journey. If not truth, can you explain why each received from the Sacred Father all he had told and shown you in the exact same way, across more than three-decades? Can you explain why you were silent, why? You knew what they were saying.

Can you recall what they have said to you each time and what the Sacred Ones said to you?


Elders received in their visions, along with other information:

Know this my sacred children of the Red Nation. The one you seek to know is Red Sun, a Sacred Child of the Red Nations, whose blood and spirit is of the Red Nation. I have sent her to help save the people; she is a very powerful medicine woman with my blessings.

 Know this and know it well, without her thousands of lives will be lost and thousands of more lives will perish needlessly . . .  without her. The spirit and the blood of her parents belong to the Red Nation. Yes, the sacred life and light spirits of her parents are of the Red Nation, she is a child who belongs to all the Red Nations of my Sacred Children.


My visitation visions with the Sacred Ones and Sacred Father:

"Red Sun, my Sacred Child, know this your are Red Native, a child of the Red People and the Red Circle, your blood and spirit belongs to the Red Nation. Your spirit is entirety Red but the flesh is 3/4th Red, but are a sacred child of the Red People. I tell you this so you will know you need to go back to you people, you are important to your people. Go back to your people, for they need you, you are important to them, they understand you why, but know the people need you.


Each time, life on the verge, standing in the Sacred Eternal Fire or visiting with the Sacred Father next the eternal flame, and/or surrounded by Sacred Ones, and in a manner only the Sacred Ones can with communication on several levels they would instill their knowledge in the following set of communication:


"Red Sun, know this . . . (None other you are the only one chosen) Thousands of lives (not hundred but thousands upon thousands) will be lost without you. The people need you for in time without you thousands more with perish needlessly, the people will be lost and perish without you. The people need you or they will perish needlessly without you (it is important you understand)."


For a small child to hear the words, a child hear only words, maybe ones own imagination. Years move fast when ones lifetime is in the hands of the Sacred Father, Archangels and Sacred Ones, for it is they that have always directed my life and watched after me. Visitation visions of more than twenty times, at different times in different places, I received the same message, along with countless others during different ceremonies. However, each one came with another set of instructions and sacred information.

For a while in my teens and twenties, the weight of the vision sometimes seems very heavy and seems almost impossible to bear, but you knew it was as it would be. Then I received the sacred summons for visitations to the Sacred Father, in his chamber of my twenty-first year, I learned about the purpose, all my sacred powers, things I would need to learn, and knowledge that I needed to reawaken, to save the people. Part of my path was to combine the sacred wisdom of the ancients, the traditions, cultures, and medicine ways and bring them into present day understanding and knowledge.


If any of you have read certain articles on this blog site you will remember certain statements from visitation visions, which made me, sound narcissistic when in truth these word came from the Sacred Ones and other elders. Yes, the directive carried forth a theme within the heart of their major message. What I have needed to accept and say, were inside the spirit of the words and visions. I needed to say and accept who I am, but even then uncertainty still lingered. Along with; doubt, maybe I should sugarcoat the words or runaway from the truths I knew. Hiding from my deepest secret is harming thousands and in turn harming me, too. Truth, once I acknowledge and accept statements written or spoken there is not turning back:


Elder said: Extremely Powerful Medicine Woman, many stated they have wanted me to accept the generic title without meaning, which felt nothing more than narcissistic idealism, akin to saying there can be only one, which is misleading. Implying some one who must sit on a throne and give orders, sorry that is not me. Universes Spiritual Elders of Sacred Spiritual Medicines addresses the wisdom of those who decide, (or decided) to undertake one of many sacred spiritual journeys.

When I was younger, before I understood the Terminology, I have outlined in section three, I questioned why of elders … How could that be I am not a doctor of herbs or flesh, blood, and bones?

If you have not lived or experienced the lessons of the Sacred Father teachings, you cannot teach it. What most of us fail to realize is what we work with in lesser degrees, various forms of physics daily and deal with certain sacredness stage of universal physics? The sacred knowledge of cultural/traditional sciences combined with sacred universal/spiritual physics, we have the beginning now lets find individual foundations. We can tap into and develop our inner-personal and spiritual abilities to work with and understand the universe’s spiritual/quantum physics, for starters. WE do not invoke the demons, but we do work with the Sacred One and not against them.  


What the Sacred Father, assigned this one to learn, achieve, and experience; awakening eternal spiritual light of life and ones connection to mental/physical physics, use of sacred spiritual energies, psychology, physiology, and philosopher. Déjà Vu quick flash on my prior research, science report, Honorary PhD in Psychology and minor in Physics, and so much more as my life journey filled with experiences continue.


Twelfth rewrite this paragraph:

Hard to write, express, or articulate because once firmly expressed it means, confirmation of acceptance to follow directions the Sacred Father and Sacred Ones sent me to handle. Truth, once posted there is no turning back. Formality of presentation matters not or lack there of, because it says:

Sacred Father I accept your will, for me to be one of your Universe’s Spiritual Physicists Philosopher of Sacred Spiritual Medicines and Warrior Woman. Experiences and lessons galore . . . I accept my duty and responsibility to the people. What my confirmation really means in my heart, not title or position, but duties and responsibilities to the Sacred Father’s sacred children.


My heart hopes, these abbreviations of my life’s research/journey, allows you to understand why I speak the way I do. What I speak is truth from spirit-heart, which heart hopes you can read the truths spoken from my heart, to each one of you who reads with an open-mind and spirit. Only then will you recognize I speak to you across many layers of communications.

Section Five—Spirit Mood Point Critical Question

Interested in learning about the Power of and Ways of Prayers.




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