Short outline to Prayer Concepts

When one seeks spiritual awareness and blessings 


This That I Can Do You Can Do and Even Greater.

Sacred Truth: No matter how hard one prays, and/or expects miracles there are many other factors involved in receiving an answer to ones prayer.

1.     Lack of faith can create blocks for healing

2.     Fear can enhance negativity in ones physical being and make conditions worse

3.     Anger in ones spirit can block healings and invite more extreme conditions

4.     Depression is lack of faith, which means refusal to accept ones healing fate and resigns to continuation of problems.




Foundations are powerful:

1.     Faith acceptance is important programming to ones healing realities.

2.     Most recoveries require the blending of Sacred Angels, Blessings from the Sacred Father and valuable interaction with Professional Medicine Healers, for a person to receive a complete healing.

3.     Sacred Guardians and even Archangels love working with Professional Medicine Healers, Medical Staff, Traditional Medicine Men, Researchers, and a wide profession of Healers.

4.     They enjoy guiding Medicine Healers to learn new advance techniques in all areas of medicine.



The Sacred Father and Archangels support Earth guardian angels and healers:

1.     All those in the areas of spiritual healers, areas of spiritual quantum physics and universal physics, spiritual medicines, researchers in all areas of medicine, scientist, medical healers, medical teams, medical staff, and partners . . . Each one individually or working together as a team are powerful.

2.     One should be able to realize and accept the sacred ability of healings through earthly angels, so when one prays one need to make sure the medical staff and medical healers, ones includes prayer supports for in ones prayers..

3.     Know recovery and wellness requires a support team.

4.     One et all, are important an important part of an amazing spiritual physic team.

5.     Working with the angels on earth, requires working with and through sacred universe’s guardian angels and the Sacred Father, our prayers can prove powerful if one speaks to them in the right way.




Long before the Golden Hour as the  Holiest of the Holiest Sacred Father of Light and Life Eternal, guardians angels see it, they will ask families to exhibit how important the healing of . . . is to them. They will ask for various sacrifices from all who are praying for . . . (family or friend).

Sacred Guardians will ask some personal sacrifice each one who takes a stand to pray for the wellness of family or friend. They ask each to show they are sincere, exhibit how much love they have for the one in need of total constructive wellness healings, along with personal sacrifice.




Only by sharing some personal history will you come to understand what I mean.

1.     From over 300 years of knowledge and personal experiences, I would like to help you see and understand, why all too often, prayers are more destructive than constructive.

2.     Then there is the once only prayer from some one and then he/she question why their once only prayer does not receive answers.

3.     Truth, a good majority of prayers for healing means the entire family also requires a healing and/or awakening for the healing to move forward.

4.     In many cases, prayers are a doorway to spiritual advancements and awakenings for families.

5.     I have experienced and witnessed so much I come to realize they are important to share.



Indigenous Natives Spiritual Abilities:

1.     We learned via experiences and training, from visual, mental, physical, and spiritual connections, thus in many ways we gained a better understanding of oneness and insight into the various areas of spiritual/universal/quantum physics and unity.

2.     Our knowledge was vastly greater in the way we connected to Earth Mother and the Sacred Father, along with our ancestors and relations.

3.     We developed the capability to understand and connect with all the elements of Mother Earth; which gave us greater wisdom than I can express here.

4.     We knew how to take care of the Earth Mother, we received and developed skills to use personal, spiritual, and universal quantum physics, which is the way I relate and share my experiences.




 Time to think and dream about the words and see if you can visualize the concepts


7 thoughts on “Short outline to Prayer Concepts”

  1. I do so believe in the power of prayer.. and I know that if faith is strong enough miracles can occur.. And yet I have also witnessed where a whole family have prayed and yet the person who requred the healing still suffered and passed to spirit.. I also know of a story whereby a young girl in the last stages of terminal cancer went to a church.. and She thought she had nothing to loose… The \’Pastor\’ shall we call him, asked the congregation to pray. They sang and rejoyed with this young girl, in a celebration of her young life….she had come almost as if this was her last hope.. So ill was this girl, she came via an ambalance.. After all those around her prayed and sent her their love and healing thoughts.. I am pleased to say that this girl then went into remission and healed and grew up into adulthood… Miracles DO happen.. For { This I can do, and you can do even greater!}… such is the power of prayer!Dreamwalker

  2. Always a very interesting topic the power of healing belongs to God. It\’s God choice if we get better or pass over. I have had churches pray for me and I must admit I have always improved in health a wee bit about a week later. There is something in the power of prayer for sure. I leave it up to those who know. I have lost my faith in the medical profession at the moment. All there pills and treatments now days just seem to make me worse. I just think it must be Gods way and I\’m supposed to suffer from my health problems, maybe learn something from them. Take Care Michele.

  3. Pray power can be powerful and make heal with great enlightenment, but it takes many things working in combination, which is way those that pray need to be on the same page without negative thoughts. Anyway I have a few articles to post then I will give you a the various methods of prayers, with each one.

  4. Lovely post Michelle and I really agree with everything you have written here thanx for posting ! oh by the way I love the new look you have on your sacred page , blessings coming your way Michelle xxx

  5. Hello Red Sun. It was good to revisit this blog because introducing some ppl to prayer is challenging and this is simplified. Always challenge to recall to pray and to pray with a good heart, although prayer is OK to be sloppy and ill-focused as discipline of prayer grows. St. Teresa D\’Avila wrote much about growth through prayer. I hope you are well dear sister of generous heart.

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