Sacred Blue Corn

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Blue Corn



This also shows you the homes of the Hopi Nation

But they do have strong family ties and spiritual knowledge 



Blue Corn, Sacred Elders, Keeper of the Sacred Blue Corn: This one is more of a mystery, with interesting events, in a most unusual expectations, one rarely recognizes, unless . . .


Sacred elders dressed in traditional ceremony Hopi fashions; which reveal tribal status Keepers of the Sacred Blue Corn, and the wisdom keepers, all should respect. I notice two-elders sitting by the front gate of the Tehachapi Fair grounds, close to the ones putting on the First Annual Tehachapi Pow-Wow, in Tehachapi, CA. The same people who were collecting money for campers, sellers, which included registering everyone that came in vehicles.

Six cars before us I noticed the spiritual elders walking up to one car and giving them an ear of corn. The next vehicle the Sacred Grandmother approached was the one I was in; she handed me one ear of sacred blue corn, which I received with humbleness. To be the receiver of sure a gift is a spiritual honor, for the giver gave it with sacred traditional blessings. Blue Corn, among traditional cultures is sacred and spiritual, and more so if one accepts the corn with great humbleness of spirit, of the Corn Maiden empowers the blue corn to honor one with all her/its sacred blessings. What had me puzzled . . . Why the youngest of two women in the truck? . . . The Sacred Keepers wanted me to realize, she had her reasons for bestowing an ear of sacred blue corn, upon certain ones of her choosing, and in time, we would understand.

I did not question one I sensed a Sacred Mother any further, I just accepted, the words of a Sacred Elder, knowing they are many messages in their silence. What as unclear, why in the middle of California, and not the Four-Corner Area or New Mexico. I have always been one that wants to find all the secrets behind why. Why did they not walk around the fair grounds with their basket of sacred blue corn? Stranger even more, is why they choice to sit at the gate, with so much going on around them.

Thursday afternoon, many traditional and non-traditional people begun to gather for four-nights and three full days of socializing, dancing and for various spiritual reasons . . . . What all of us questioned while we assumed fascinating, is how they decided on which individuals to favor with one ear of sacred blue corn. Because we learned, a couple of families were about to have one ear of sacred blue corn bestowed on them, until they asked for more and they received none. No good, problems quickly befell those who requested more. Car problems, car stopping and needed a push, problems at their campsite, and articles of ceremonial regalia missing, these are just a few of the problems they suffered, before they set up camp. A spiritual form of discipline, the Sacred Ones use to spank those that show disrespectful forms of selfishness.


Blue Corn has proven exceptionally sacred and full of spiritual power, which is the reason traditional cultures among countless generations of Southwestern Tribes cherish the sacred blue corn. The power is enhanced and especially when one receives a blessed sacred ear of blue corn. It becomes even more cherished and sacred when Sacred Keepers of the Blue Corn makes a gift of blue corn combined with a simple prayer.

I realize this is hard to understand, but it is the truth: What they gift and one receives in a good way, awakens one spirit-heart and mind to the sacred spiritual power within the blessings; a powerful way of honoring individuals, yes. This gift across centuries established itself a magnificent good omen. This truth I learned and the sacredness of its power I sensed and experienced when I was gifted blue corn, by Sacred Mother of Blue Corn, an energy rushed through my total spirit and mortal being, which energized, and awaken its sacredness within. 

I can say its spiritual powers awakened me within its glow of blessings and powers, as my grandmother stated, would happen. "Red Sun my child, if someone bestows blue corn upon you . . . know blessed acceptance must come from within your spirit-heart, expressing sacred, honest, humbleness, since the guardians of the corn with know. If you accept with humbleness you will sense the sacred blessings of spiritual love, and those you bless with spiritual love will not go hungry and those that come to you home will never leave hungry. I cannot tell you the various types of spiritual gifts from its blessings you will receive, since the time, place, and reasons for you this also holds many valuable lessons you will learn. Know, if you are every considered worthy to receive an ear of sacred blue corn, learn."


Mystery’s begins with the talk of the Hopi Elders, by a few persons who had received blue corn with a few of those responsible for putting together this gathering. Even though they were not on the guest, they decided to find them and invite them to sit with the honored elders. They would bring great blessings to have them at this honoring ceremony, as well. The elders had been sitting on the ground with a hand woven basket containing ears of blue corn—less than a couple of yards outside the entrance, too. They had been sitting about two-yards from the people who collected the entrance fees, and names of everyone camping, on the fairground. Investigation revealed, the gatekeepers do not remember seeing them, only the individuals that received the blue corn and/or certain passengers in the same vehicle, could remember seeing two elders, a hand woven basket, and/or ears of blue corn, the people working the gate, who thought us stranger.


Fair grounds only had maybe fifty early campsites; three men took off to see what anyone remembers and/or find the elders. They discovered only certain individuals, recalled having visual and verbal contact with the Hopi Elders and the sacred blue corn, because they received an ear. Curiosities activated, and more people joined in the search, when they discovered two families who had actual contact with the elders, after the search to find them was well underway.

Adding to our curiosity and questions: Who were/are these Hopi Keepers of the Sacred Blue Corn? Where are they now? Why is it only certain people has seen them? Generations upon generations of traditional peoples among numerous tribes, dream of the day someone would bestow an ear of pure blue corn upon them. How is it possible only a few experienced the beautiful ears of blue corn in a hand-woven basket, yet no one received blue corn after the sounding of the first drums, why?


Grandfather WhiteCloud the eldest elder and medicine man for this gathering, listen to the description from those that saw them, could not recall seeing or speaking with either one, at any gatherings across the Southwest. Thus, grandfather sought answers from the Sacred One about the Hopi Blue Corn Elder.

Grandfather learned the Sacred Keepers of the Blue Corn are ancient ones. They are from the Sacred Village, the ancient village of traditional wisdom and knowledge. They are the Keepers of the Hopi’s Sacred Traditions and Knowledge, who choice to visit for a short time. NO reason given why, they choice this gathering, to bless certain ones, beyond gifting those who had long journeys ahead of them, they provided them help to help the people. That was a logical reason, not everyone saw or remembered seeing them if they did. In essence, they are ancients aka guardian angels/teachers who are only seem by those they allow to see them.


Side Bar begins: [What I had discovered interesting, about gatherings, people may not be able to tell you the name of everyone in attendance, but they can remember who was at what gathering, and who was not. No one, who received the sacred blue corn, could remember seeing the Sacred Hopi Elders at any gatherings besides this one.] Side Bar ends


Side Bar begins [When I was a young child grandmother always told me, if someone bestows blue corn upon you, accept it . . . . you and those you love will never go hungry.] Side Bar ends


8 thoughts on “Sacred Blue Corn”

  1. Great story about the gift of the sacred blue corn Red Sun. Always your blogs get my own mind swimming with questions. Like: Do you eat the blue corn? Do you plant your own from the ear that you get? Why do not more Native Ameri-Indians grow the blue corn if it is such a wonderful blessing? Fascinating. Always love reading your fabulous stories. You are a good story teller. Thank You.

  2. This is a beautiful story…It is the giving of hope and vitality…It inspires forward movement through investigation….It controls its own destiny….It joins only with those who give, insipre and self determin…Sacred Blue Corn……

  3. This happened and the gifts that came afterwards were just as amazing when it came to feeding the masses. It was proof that prayers, belief, faith and caring without self in the way can create amazing events and feed the massess.

  4. Great story Red Sun I am intrigued by your writings. I have tried to raise blue corn many times and only got multi-colored. I hope to send you some native sage from the prairie one day soon. We are planning a sweat lodge in a few weeks, I will think you as pray there HOKA HEY

  5. The Blue Corn is rare, since when you plant it, you might get an all blue ear of corn or a multi-color ear of corn. That is the reason it is so sacred because it rare and grows only when it wants to grow, since it is the mixture of all the colors and when you plant it, you are never sure of what you will get from it. I can not give you the stats one the number of ear of corn a framer grows before he gets one ear of solid, true blue corn.Because the ear of all blue corn, is the combination of all the colors and the reason it is sacred, no one can recreate or plan it, it is said to come when it is needed most. Truth, after we completed our investigation most of us assumed their were sacred guardians elders/sacred angels passing out the sacred corn. Yes, Buck is correct Blue Corn comes in its own time and way and rare, which is another reason they are sacred.

  6. Yes, a complete ear of blue corn is rare, because most of the time an ear of (Indian Corn) is multi-colored or red and blue or red with any of the other 12 color variations, which can be produced in an ear of (Indian Corn). Very few are solid in color and rarer still it the blue corn; which means if someone wants blue corn they will have to pay dearly for it. Beginning with the necessary separation techniques required for separation. Yes, blue corn does have powerful healing value and unique flavor over the rest of the corn, and even from that on the same ear, but the most valued is the blue corn.Truth, among our people it is necessary for entire families, to set around and separate each kernel into the various colors bins: red, blue, white, yellow, orange, striped, and rainbow colorations, so they can produce the different colors and then, the red and blue corn meal for ceremonies and for blessings. Which is why it is so valuable and sacred, it is the giver of life and the sacred blue corn among others were given to the people, by the Corn Maiden seasons so long ago, time is forgotten.Love is the Expression of Our Sacred Father\’s Love Shining through Us

  7. Bob’s Red Mill produces Blue Corn flour for those wanting to cook with it!
    I was gifted 3 ears of the red, stubby, strawberry corn by a young medicine man many years ago. I was supposed to plant it. I still have them & a few multi colored indian corn ears that called out to me over the years! To me they are cherished, maybe some day I will pass them on to some one. I am just not ready yet.

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