Sacred Prayer of Life for Australia Life

Know your Spiritual Prayers and Spiritual Energy AUSTRALIA Needs … Red Sun


Before you begin to pray; you need to form your thought-forms and decide what is the most important aspects in winning the battle over the destruction in Australia. Know as with any thing prayers do better if we take them in steps to make them work properly.  I have added traditional insight into why prayers work better this way, which has brought me, along with a group I was part of great success in the past., putting fires down.       Thus, I have added more information, under the links, half way about the power of spiritual prayers with visualization. You can either post this on your sites or email it to everyone on your mailing list, I do hope you reach out and email it to those you feel comfort with contacting and have them add many prayers together with the rest of us. 

Sacred Prayers of Life for Australia Life, Healing and Recovery

First, we need to add to the land our spiritual energy to help

Stop the Fires and Save Lives and Land


To all the Guardians Spirits in and around Australia I/we can on your help, we send you our love and spiritual energy from each one of us from around this universe. Our prayer is to help you protect all of those this fire of anger is trying to consume. We send you our spiritual love and sacred life force energy to help you to help all in need and to cause the fire to turn in on its own self, which denies it fuel to continue, and prevents it from taking lives and land.

We send from our spirit-heart sacred love and blessing to help heal the land, add spiritual cooling and moisture to the lands, and help replenish its spiritual life energies. Sacred love helps those who have lost much and all those who are in need of healing.


I/we call on voices and people from around the world to spiritual journey across the land to give life to the land, and spiritual stand in front of this fire since all are in need of spiritual and physical healings. The fires we stop with our sacred spiritual powers, we give of our sacred spiritual love to all who are in need of life force and support them in the battle to prevent more fires from breaking out.

I/WE send our spiritual energy to be warriors, guardians, protectors, fire fighters, and do whatever else the guardians of the land and people require to ensure the battle of the forces of destruction … we win quickly, with countless lives saved, protected and removed from harms way or harms way prevented from reaching them. Sacred rains give life to all that depends on the land for their life and survival. We call on all sacred spiritual life across the lands to accept our spiritual prayers and love as a gift to the lands called Australia, as our gift to help restore balance, harmony, and love.

I/We summons the winds to suppress the advancement of the fires and I call on the rains to come and put out all the fires. I call on the rains to nourish all the lands of Australia, which supports healing, increase life force energy and give the sacred gift of life back to these lands.. We offer our sacred gifts of life and spiritual love to ensure life across the Sacred Mother’s land is safe and protected, while we ensure the dangers of rapid, total destruction some seem to desire are blocked.  by Michelle Red Sun!800D2C296BCD78E9!304.entry


Dreamwalker blog site and prayer!AAC2575195154CE0!7206.entry



Examine the picture and know it speaks truths, when we stand outside our physical form our spiritual being is four times bigger and once we learn to use our spiritual physics abilities it can grow even larger and brighter.


 How to use your spiritual energy:


One and all, visualize your spiritual being standing outside yourself, allow your spiritual light bodies of pure spiritual physics and power to reach out, grow taller than the flames and visualize the flames stopping and without power. Call on your spiritual bodies to stand together and form a huge wall, which blocks the fire on all sides from advancing then suppress and put out the flames. See your spirit body standing tall and strong, glowing and alive with positive powerful spiritual protective energy, encasing all those who are fighting the fire and all those the fire is trying to consume.  

It is important one visualize their eternal spirit with thousands of people from around the swiping the lands with spiritual love and healing, while you quickly advance forward to become the wall and barrier, which stops and controls the fire. You can be guardians helping the one fighting the fires, or the ones putting barriers up around property and lives. You can be guardians helping to move people out of the way and you can be a part of the barrier that puts a halt to the advancement of the fires.  

Allow your mind to visualize yourself not in your physical, but expanding your spiritual light body, this physical realm can harm for you are between the realms and working with sacred spiritual conditions, which is why within seconds you can be in Australia. You will be surprise what can happen if you visualize and pray, every time you have a few minutes.  


This is important to realize we are part of the whole; we are part of the oneness, which means we can make a difference and can change conditions around, if we chose to do so. My name is Michelle Red Sun, and if you have read any of my articles, you have read the words spiritual physics and universal/spiritual quantum physics, which is connected to what I mean when I refer to spiritual physics.

We can be part of the whole and create or disrupt conditions. IN the past fifty plus years, I have learned how we can use and project our energy to make things happen. We are eternal forms of spiritual energy and have the ability to use all the universal/spiritual forms of physics and/or quantum physics. Truth, before you say you don’t understand, stop to think about how you use these powers during your daily activities, but fail to realize or recognize how often you use your abilities.

Prayers can be words and wait for something to happen or we can add your spiritual life and energy to make things happen. From protecting someone from harm, protection of family and environment, and even suppressing fires, the life choices are up to you. However, one important characteristic required in making spiritual physics work, is ones visualization and mental projection of thought forms, for it allow one travel on spiritual journeys.

Currently, because of all the problems in Australia, if you need something to keep you focus, find an aerial map of Australia and choice the area your want to work in helping stomp out the fires, protect property, people, and all life forms.

In fact, if you can gather as many people as possible and have them join you in spiritual physics journeys to help save the lands and lands of Australia. The more we can get people using these prayers several times a day, at night with you are ready to go to sleep and ask your sacred spirit to journey to Australia.


The reason I am offering you this spiritual physics prayer, I have used it before and I know it works, but on smaller scales of only a few thousand acres, at a time, about half the size of Los Angeles. Yet, during a few other events flaming I discovered it requires a number of people working together, to save lives and property.

What you can do to help save one or many lives from an irate fire requires you to trust your eternal spirit and spiritual being. During your spiritual journey, if you sense a person needs protection call on your spiritual guardians to teach your how to surround and protect those in harms way.

Please, understand even, if this is your first try, you can use your spiritual physics to help save lives, stomp out the fire, supply fire fighters with extra protection, and supply them with spiritual and physical energy to over power the fire and stopping it.

Don’t be surprised if you sense yourself protecting, animals, children, adults, and any number of things from fire, it happens, just accept it and go with it. However, the thing you cannot allow to happen in your minds eye is accepting the fire growing. Reject and deny the power of the fire, don’t visualize it doing anything, but going down and stopped in all direction. You need to realize your spiritual love, prayers, and spiritual physics are twice as strong and you/we will win, if you are willing to go that extra distance.

          Faith, trust, and determination is needed to help those who are walking around in fear, and fear attracts more problems, which empowers the fire to grow and continue on its destructive path. This is why we need to shower Australia with spiritual energy filled with spiritual love. This type of sacred spiritual love, combined with prayers can calm fears and add strength to those who need all the energy they can gather, to stand up against the fires and put them down.


Now I hope you can understand why I call on you to use your spiritual visualization to summons your spiritual physics, which can be a positive energy to create and enhance universal, spiritual, and physical matter. Take the time to read the prayers, or write your own you can use and add to Dreamwalker’s and mine. If in a group decide on where you are going to start and go from there together to assist in saving lives, property, stomping down and putting out the fire.


A few of the things I do to begin my empowering prayers:


1.       One light a candle or kerosene lamp smudge the room with sage and cedar.

2.      Listen to honoring songs and/or summons all my sacred guardians by using my drum,

3.     Put together my thoughts of how I want things to be and reject what they are, while I reach out to help those in need, save lives by using my spiritual physics abilities, by wrapping my spirit around them.

4.     Then I am off once I have my spirit and thoughts ready to do battle, since that is what this is about a spiritual battle to protect all forms of life this fire and his sons are plotting to accomplish.




14 thoughts on “Sacred Prayer of Life for Australia Life”

  1. Our collective prayers will accomplish much…In unity together is the way forward… this will be just one of many of the tests in which we all need to pull together and use the power of prayer, in overcoming difficult times xxx

  2. Awesome blog my friend … it truly is a heart breaking and devastating time for all those affected … as we all join in prayer, much comfort will be found from it … I truly believe that. take care always, love H xo

  3. To all my friends and all those who have prayed for, make a wish or cried a tear for Australia are helping in amazing ways your might never realize, but the Sacred Guardians and Angels are gathering up all your love, concern, compassion and passion for the healing of life and land in Australia and taking it to Australia to the areas help is needed the very most. So everyone keep up the great work, you have already saved many lives, just because you care.

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