A Strong Spiritual Hug to All

Every light Aglow is a Sacred Wish   

I am using this to let you know the sacred love, and spiritual energy has been accepted and turned into Spiritual and Universal Physics to help the all of those connected to or with Australia. I wish I could touch each of you personally and give you my heart felt loving hug. Yes, I ask you to accept this as my gift of thanks, and know each star expresses the sacred power of angels love and blessings too. To all who are sending thoughts or even expressing care and love in words towards those in need around the world beside Australia . . . They too send want your to know answer back with sacred blessings and love. For what you give for others are increased a hundred-fold, your spirit-heart is a very powerful instrument.




To all my friends and all of you who have prayed for, make a wish, or cried a tear for Australia’s problem to be healed, corrected, lives spared or fires stopped and stomped out, keep up your good work, why do I say this they are working. You are helping in amazing ways your might never realize, but the Sacred Guardians and Angels are gathering up all your love, concerns, compassions and passions for the healing of life and land in Australia and taking it to Australia to the areas help is needed, the extreme help is needed.

So everyone keep up the great work, you have already saved many lives, just because you care. Keep up your love your caring and your compassion. In my meditation tonight, I received confirmation it is working and soon the results, all will see,  if we all keep Australia in our hearts and prayers. During my meditation, I was allowed to experience the sacred energy people are sending and it is amazing power, and yes for the last few days, it has been increasing.


To all who have a drum I ask you to add to the spiritual energy during your time of praying if possible, I do not think your boss would enjoy your drum during office hours, but you can when you are in good position to pray and sing your prays along with the spiritual life and energy of your drum. You also need to know each time you think of Australia with  your spirit-heart filled in a positive manner with compassion, concern, hope, wishes you are giving hope, life, help and healing to all in touched by that which has created this manner disaster.  


Let the spirit of all your drums sing out, for they too possess great sacred healing powers, which can add to universal/spiritual physics and help those in need!   

Let the spirit of the drums Sing!




The Following Welcome to Ian’s Aussie Space Blog: has shut down reporting on the fire lines since is had become to much on his mental health and before he did shut down the reporting  Ian sent this information about your prayers and conditions: My dear dear friend , it appears that in many areas control is being achieved… However, the winds and fires are still unpredictable, back burning is occurring and helping, as well as, the cooler days and nights now. Smoke and housing accommodation is a major problem, attended too. Food for livestock survivors appears to be in demand, today is still another very emotional day with church services being held throughout various townships affected, this has given many consolation and hopes for the future, as well as, helping them come to terms with the catastrophy.  


The long-term affects will probably not make the news but we do know the long-term affects will have many mental scars in especially on the elderly. Prayers are still needed to heal the lands down under, in truth you need to know prayers are truly working. 



2 thoughts on “A Strong Spiritual Hug to All”

  1. Yes prayers to Great Sprit to help all plant, winged beings, two-leggeds, all animals to survive, regenerate and heal. Thanks for kindness of post to remind how we can send positive energy to those in great distress.

  2. I believe that helps. It\’s so sad to see all the damage. I\’ll keep them in my thoughts. I have relatives near there too.Thank you for your lovely family photo!Wish you a nice weekend,hug,T

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