Pot of Beans Feed the Masses on the Mountain


Faith Receives Sacred Blessings

Pot of Beans and fry-bread feeds the masses on the mountain

Proof the basket of fish and bread feed the masses


Fry bread dough still going strong, now going on twelve days, and it seem to get better with each day. Yes, the same bowl of never-ending dough that feed the masses at the gathering. Our cash flow very low and we still had a few days before payday and SunHawk was not feeling to great. We had a one-pound bag of kidney beans, a few strips of bacon, three-cans of corn, a half pound of potatoes and three carrots. After some discussion and thought, we decided we wanted beans for dinner, instead of potatoes. When I started to prepare the beans, with the ear of blue corn, I received at the gathering, hung beside our stove. Just about the time I began to pray for a healthy meal to feed mind, spirit and body, a strong sense of many bellies this pot of beans would be required to fill.

It was time to formulate and offer up a simple prayer, filled with strong active visualizations, allowing my spirit-heart express a sacred desire. How every long this pot of beans peoples needs called upon it to feed the masses the food would be available to feed all, whose bellies are in need.


Prayer words: Here this pot of beans is small, yet it is going to be called upon to feed and satisfy many different appetites. I have no idea, only you know how many people will come and call upon this pot of beans, to fill unknown number of bellies, which need your blessings to satisfy unknown appetites. The blessing, I seek include all here now and/or the unknown number of people that will come to visit . . . all here on this mountain. Yes, we have the bowl of fry bread dough and now I call upon you to help us feed all that are here, and who will be here, until the bread and beans they we have no more need for the dough or the beans.

Father, you know we never turn anyone away and we feed all who come to our home, matters not when our visitors come or how many come, day, or night, we feed them all. I ask of you to allow this pot of beans feeds all, no matter how many times they ask for more, I ask of you we have enough to feed all more. Father, (holding the pot between my hands) this pot of beans I pray feeds mind, body, and spirit, while it heals all who partake, in what ever way they need your blessings. This I ask, in your name, along with that of our Sacred Mother and the Holiest of Holy, your Son of Life and Light Eternal, all are blessed and purified with your sacred love, and blessings of our. I send to my spirit-heart filled with spiritual love for you and thank you for all your blessings Father.


My visualization/thoughts: Here is a pot of beans, supply us food from the halfway level in the pot. Each and each time I put the ladle in the pot and take beans out, the levels returns to its half-way level, it refills to this half-way point. Yet, none are to realize it drops not below the half way level in this small one-gallon pot. The time of day or night matters not in the vision, which began to write its action? Mind visualizes countless people with bowls in hand, their bowls I fill and refill more that once, twice, and some three times. More arrive on our mountain, hungry, and leave with full bellies and spirits satisfied.

Through my minds eye: This holographic/special vision prayer with action of it own, I packaged inside a sacred prayer sphere, to make sure it stayed together, and released it to the travel to the Sacred Father inside a beautiful sacred bright stream of light, filled with thousands of beautiful crystal rainbow chips. I stood in silence for a couple of minutes, then I went about preparing the beans, for our dinner, and two-hours later we sat down to dinner.


After dinner, I observed our one pot of bean around halfway, and plenty of fry-bread dough left. Around 2300 hours Thursday, we decided to go to bed and get some sleep. Around 0220 hours Friday, we awake to the wolves singing and honoring song, to let us know those on a drive up our road, we considered friends. Yes, we had come to know and understand their various songs. This song was one of welcome; we accept and honor our guest and they showed signs of great happiness.

Chief Allrunner, with his family, and a couple more, (nine), followed by a second van of eight and two-cars loaded. We had twenty-four extra bellies: twenty-men with big appetites, two-women, and two-children. The men each had two-large bowls of beans and two-pieces of fry-bread while two-men had three bowls and four-fry bread. In addition, to feeding them, we ate beans and fry-bread with them, too.

          Forgetting about my prayer during the feed, until after I gathered all the plates and bowls up, mind flashes on and recalls my prayer. I checked the bean and looked at the bowls and realized what they had left in their bowls, would have filled my small pot of beans. I looked in the pot and discovered a pot of beans still half-full. A sacred gift I felt important to share with all who came to our mountain cabin. "Everyone, do you remember reading or hearing about the Sermon on the Mountain, when one basket of fish and bread feed the masses, and when everyone ate their fill, what was gathered filled several baskets?"


Everyone looked at me with a puzzled look, while each confirmed hearing about the sermon and feed, but not sure, what that has to do with anything this evening. I told them about cooking up one-pound bag of beans, and after dinner, we still had a half-full pot of beans. Before I continued, I asked them to tally up how many bowls of beans everyone consumed, they guessed-a-mated at least fifty bowls of beans and about as many pieces of fry-bread.

          Then I asked the women to calculate how much of the beans were left and how much came out of the pot, they calculated a full pot of beans as leftovers in the bowls, and they could have eaten two or three small pots of beans. Then they asked of the fry-bread dough was the same bowl of dough they used at the gathering to feed hundreds of elders. Yes, the same bowl and I have not added any flour either. The men had a good two-hour conversation about feeding the masses.

O500 hours before everyone decided it was time to get some sleep with wall-to-wall bodies inside our cabin, two-tents outside, plus a several others sleeping in each of the two vans. Even with all the wolves singing their honoring songs in the morning, people slept until 1000 hours. In the morning, everyone pitched in food for breakfast. In the afternoon, we made Cheyenne Pot Pies, with the bean and the fry-bread dough while included the potatoes, corn, carrots, and buffalo.



© Red Sun/SunHawk Life Adventures

Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk personal witness and adventure


3 thoughts on “Pot of Beans Feed the Masses on the Mountain”

  1. Amen! Faith certainly does have its rewards… if we "only believe". Red Sun, thank you for the joy and love you have shared with me! I thank God for you being in my life, friendship truly is a gift and a tremendous blessing!!! Thank you my dear friend, words can not express enough the way you help and continue to help my spirit come to life through your kindness. Thank you also for all your uplifitng prayers! God bless you always. Love and Care! xoxo Kerrie

  2. Yes, it is a amazing how we have food each day, the pot of beans is amazing and it give us cause to understand, when we are more concerned for others than we are for personal being, things work out for all of us and blessings come around. The pot od beans and fry-bread dough stayed around until we no longer needed them. That is when I took both and gave them back to our sacred mother, thank her for the corn, but wnted to make sure some one else needed such blessings they would receive it.

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