Fifth Crossing Very Unexpected

 Fifth Crossing was Very Unexpected
 However, for the number of lives saved
 I am glad this Crossing happened

Fifth Crossing: 

After the fourth crossing, I became a trance medium, meditated a lot, went on spirit walks and a number of spiritual journeys, which made the fifth crossing much easier when summonsed across. If it have not been so important for me to crossover this time I do not believe it would have happened and I would have only gone on a spirit walk, but I had to travel to far for too long, and the question of my survival also, hung in the balance. Truth, without this crossing, a number of people would have died, besides SunHawk, StillsWater and I, Red Sun.

           Now these fifth crossing, gave me the opportunity to for extensive observation, along with numerous experiences. This is when I discovered numerous links our material universe with our spiritual universe. This is when I got to see the Sacred and Highest of the Highest Council of Archangel Chiefs. Hard to explain the combination of events that helped me absorb pure sacred spiritual/universal wisdoms including powerful physics abilities using universal, and spiritual quantum physics. This included countless realities one is not taught in church linked to the Sacred Father’s universal knowledge, while I was on trial. Twisted truths regarding our sacred spiritual reality mislead humanity into a false sense of security, which is why I was on trial.

False teachings, of the Sacred Father of Light Eternal cause others to believe one mistake and they are condemned for eternity, so it matters not what they do they are going to Hell. This is a falsehood that causes many people to become criminals, and turn against the Sacred Father. The same false teachings have harmed our people for centuries. Teachings we do not have to accept or allow them to control or destroy us.

This crossing also brought together fragments of knowledge, in waiting. Provided completed picture to details sitting on the spiritual shelve of prayers, questions, and parcel answers and/or a few details. I have of shelve of answers and questions, I asked the Sacred Father, the shelve IN WAITING I began when I was less than three years of age. The place I put my questions, the sacred answers, visions, concepts and life adventure all of which needed the proper connections and/or information for true and honest awakenings and/or enlightenments.

Much the same way a scientist has an idea and desire, but it might take him a few years or decades to get the right solution to complete his research, prayers are very much the same way. Life, our guardians, and the Sacred Father will guide us along paths; send us on many journeys and even a few adventures to help us gain the insight and abilities to understand the answers and questions. Truth, said guidance, life lessons, journeys and adventures, most of us would not fully comprehend. Now maybe you can understand why my life lessons and adventures have been extreme. I could not help, teach or understand others, if I did not experience or had not lived some part of the sacred indigenous ways of the Red Nations of our Sacred Father Eternal, lessons. What more can I say one needs to live the life and journey in the true traditions, or experience the power of Sacred Elders, guardians and Sacred Father Eternal; which means my walk was a lot more intense than most of our peoples.


[Strange one year past I post the information connected to this amazing journey, but it seems I always make things too long, because I need to get the truth and facts across. If you are interested then click on this link and it will give you the complete four chapter article I call . . . Selfish Prayers are Dangerous Try Caring for Many, which is what I learned when I crossed for the fifth time and much more, too:!3E69AAE204A6CCFD!2464/ Not all the lessons or extreme knowledge did I combine in the four chapters.] 


Unique but fact true: this crossing is when I finally realized, we are eternal and therefore our eternal beginning does not die; we only discard our physical forms, and move on to another assignment; since we are eternal beings of light energy, eternal life. Yes, I first recognized this when Grandmother M crossed, and she visited me, but the Whiteman’s Church, made it seem we are trapped in our physical form and we will not be reborn until Jesus returns. In the house of my Father are many mansions, and it is only through me you can come onto the Father. The Sacred Son of Our Eternal Father greets those that enter the House of the Sacred Father Eternal, and he escorts each one that enters the home, to each one individual path, the Sacred Father’s assigns them. A few days to rest and then it is time to take on ones new universal assignments. Fact, individual crossings equates into one graduation/promotion, to different spiritual sections of the universe. Nevertheless, to understand why I almost did not return you would have to read the four chapters connected to the like I provided.


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