First Crossing planned Murder

First Crossing planned Murder with a Strong Spiritual Awakening Twist

First Crossing:

A woman that could not accept being a guardian and even worse yet, have anything to do with the term motherhood, made her violent and ill, spent every possible hour in the bars and/or sleeping with different men, after hours. One day, her carefree lifestyle changed, when Grandmother M’s friend called, when she went out and told me not to answer the phone, because she did not want me to tell anyone her secret. Why, I did answer the phone and parrot her words, I am not real sure, except a voice told me to answer the phone and speak.

The voice asked if the woman was home and I answered; “It is a secret, she has gone to the bar to shoot pool with the boys and get drunk, but she no want anyone to know.” Shortly there after five family members were in the house, looking for her, gramps called the local bar and discovered this was her common daily activity. Gramps found her in the bar and told everyone she had accepted a child into her home, and received good money from the government, who paid white families to take in Native Indian children from the Reservations.

She wanted the money but nothing to do with the child, her mother asked her to look after. Once, the people in the bar learned about the way she abandoned the child, because they knew she was in the bar, daily and how long she stayed. Her behavior was the real reason people wanted nothing to do with her, but in her mind . . . the only way people would love her again, and she could get her youth back . . . if the child died. She had killed her first child before Grandmother M received visions to save the child, Red Sun, and teach her in the traditional ways of the Sacred Red Peoples Traditions and Medicines. The vision referred to sacred spiritual traditions, cultural and medicine ways of the Indigenous Natives. Her visions showed her where the child Red Sun and mother were in hiding, and the danger before her.


One in a long line of extremes for Red Sun; some wanted the child and mother dead, which would have been, if not Grandmother M to rescue, hide, and teach Red Sun in the sacred way of the ancients. Teaching the same sacred traditions, sacred traditional elders, the sacred guardian, and sacred spiritual ones taught her. She hid me in the house of her daughter, now you know why and how I ended up in the house of lust, hate, and death and the conditions that cast Red Sun into a bathtub overflowing with water, learning how to breathe underwater.

Reality, her toss that sent me against the wall, behind the four-claw-tub, did bruised head and back, plus something injured hurt, my neck, too. The slam into the wall knocked the air out of my lungs, shorting the crossing time for Red Sun. Once in the water, the woman held the child’s head under, until gave no more resistance except for lifeless floating.


Before the bathtub crossing, I was able to parrot simple sentences. The morning after I was able to communicate in full intelligent sentences and hold my own in conversations, without parroting the day prior. Reading the woman’s thoughts before she tossed, I realized for Red Sun’s survival it meant, learn how to breathe water. Once the woman left the bathroom, the Sacred Mother, swiftly arrives, standing on a cloud, she reaches out and holds close to her, the sacred spirit of Red Sun, we waited together on her cloud at the Sacred Vortex, with the Sacred White Eagle flying above to watch after us and one Tall Standing Walking Silver Tip Grizzly stands behind us.

The Sacred Father connected with Grandmother M instructing her to once again, rescue Red Sun from premature death. Grandmother M her in real time, listened to and observed the behavior of her greedy daughter and what was happening to Red Sun. It was a good twenty-three minute drive, if not more, from the Salvation Army Mission, to where we lived. The morning after the day before Grandmother M began Red Sun’s intense training.

At the Vortex, one is able to perceive and receive vast amounts of wisdom and awareness, some akin to leaving kindergarten and going to a University. This is where University spiritual awareness, awakened sacred intellectual age advanced. Between the uniquely spiritual adventure underwater and Grandmother M casting all the water out, the Sacred Mother and guardians removed barriers between realms; which was the first step to vast spiritual knowledge, responsibilities and its abilities, too.

Once Grandmother M, grabbed the (physical form) of Red Sun by heels, and with one hard blow, she expelled most of the water from the lungs, and by the second blow finished the water flow, signaling revitalization via heartbeat pumping blood and oxygen. Grandmother M used her healing hands to return total spiritual and physical, mind and form, with her massages. Once warmed up and life awakened, she dressed me warm before she feed me real food, not milk and toast the woman handed me in bed. Dressed in clean clothes and laid in a clean bed, and WOW, what a great night, I slept ad/or journeyed the entire night with the angels and guardians who came, with guidance and lessons. Shocker, when I discovered how much more one can learn in the sacred realm, in a span of a few hours, (our time), than one learns here in a couple of years. Amazing how I did sleep, even with all the screaming and shouting in the house.

Gramps took his greedy daughter away, to a mental hospital, or so I was told, and Grandmother M began to teach me in the sacred ways. What I found interesting is how the Sacred Mother on the cloud, said I was not allowed to cross because thousands of lives depended on me, and how without me thousands of lives would perish needlessly and thousands more would be lost forever. It was too important for me not to stay. I wish they had the respect to say more so I could understand what the meaning was behind their words and why.


One major life changing journey to the Vortex, removed the blocks and barriers between the material and spiritual realms. Very few are born with the abilities to transcend the two realms from birth. Except, very few understand early life lessons, but I was forced into realization of two realms connection, which help me understand the shadow realm of demons and demonic creatures.

Yes, I was born with certain spiritual abilities; second-sight, telepathic sensitivity, spiritual communication, and a strong insight sensitivity to energies. These connections, however immature, I was capable of sensory perceptions; which included visualization links of thoughts and sounds with past, present and future actions. Communication interaction with nature’s children proved to be Red Sun’s teachers, long before telepathic verbalization forms of communications. Nature my sacred teacher who assisted me to learn in unique ways, and through the eyes of animals I learned much about their sacred knowledge, and how to observe humanity’s games

The crossover journey strengthen certain uncanny ability to observe the lies people spoke, see color of the lies, sense the hostile energies in sounds and colors, see aura colors and observe those who walk in the shadow. Observe demonic creatures and how they deceived mortal beings. For a time that created and uneasiness within and the only one I could speak with to help me understand was Grandmother M.

Yes, the abilities of a child were immature, however, this crossing advanced my awareness and abilities by ten years; however, prior to crossing the This first crossing set a major stage for the rest of my life, but only retrospect is when we understand the underlying reason to learn and experience with enlightenment connected to Spiritual Physics.


When heaven experience pain, worse then what I experience underwater: each time a person lies or cursed ones guardians suffer pain and when external violence increases and/or use foul language, our spirit reacts with body throughout and continues’ stop, until those who lied or spoke foul language . . .  apologized, cleaned up their language and/or spoke words of truth. Have you every hurt so bad pain invites spirit to cry. Well what I experienced was a lesson to understand what happens in heaven, what the Sacred Father, angels and guardians, have to endure when anger, lies, foul language, violence against nations and each other.

Lies and deceive among nations hurt the Sacred Father and the Sacred Council of Elders with the same amount of violence. Now maybe you understand a few of reasons our guardians will turn away from us; until we respect ourselves and others . . . We need to show love and respect instead of displaying hate and anger, foul language and lies, if we want to have our guardians to help us.


A few days later a family friend delivered a puppy, which turned out to be a spiritual warrior sent to protect me, from the one that wanted me dead. He was more than what eyes perceived. Truths of events I witnessed and experiences regarding four-legged guardians:

1.      Angels speak with and supply instructions to our guardians, since they are here to help us learn certain lessons and protect us.

2.      Animal guardians are our record keepers, many are sent to observe us, and have their own angels to guide them to be our teachers.

3.      Our animal guardians are capable of communication on several diverse telepathic platforms, in diverse ways . . . simultaneously. Yet, most people refuse to believe anything beyond the lower material five-sense.

4.      Spiritual Truth: Animals return to the same sacred spiritual realm, we go to, also. Fact, they are sacred spirits. In fact, one might be surprised how important animal guardians really are throughout the universe.


9 thoughts on “First Crossing planned Murder”

  1. Interesting info regarding animal guardians. I presume from that you will understand about the wolf within…the Pathfinder…teacher…moon dog of my soul….I espec. agree with point (3). And re point (1) they do indeed protect us. Run in the strength of the wolf Red Sun and may that which is destined to guard you and protect you do so zealously. Thank you for sharing the knowledge in these pages with us. 🙂

  2. Icewolf: Yes, I understand the animal guardians and our spiritual action with what one perceives animals within. When we are connected with our guides and guardians, many times we will learn and take on their reactions and behavior. Many times I sniff the air, the same way wolves do, analysis people and observe their energy patterns and colors.You might be surprised at how many guardian animals I have around me, who are teachers, guardians, guide and protectors. I remember one thing, I was told when I visited with the Sacred Ones and learned, of the animals power and position in the Spiritual Universe and throughout the Universe. "What One does to the lesser of my children they do onto me. Many of the animals are guardians angels, here to guide us. Others are our children from a different live time, or will be in another life time. What you reap is what you will receive."

  3. I am surprised to learn we have multiple guardian animals. I was led to believe we had only one specific to the individual. But what you say make good sense and explains the guardian crossover that feels to occur sometimes. You know…the sense of connection with others besides the original. Interesting to think of them as guardian angels too. Hadn\’t thought of it that way before. Thank you for the videos…they were both very enjoyable to watch and fascinating and enlightening in content. And that pic was beautiful. Thank you that you thought of me! Be one and at peace with the Sacred Ones. 🙂

  4. Maybe I should explain here to how sometimes the animals we receive are actually relations, who have come to guide us or protect us. Then sometime our relations are the birds that come pay us a visit. They are good observers who can see without being seem. So Yes, Icewolf, we have many more guardians besides one. The normal amount (of four) in my observations I have observed no less than four which can become even more, depending on ones journey. They can come to us in the physical and the spiritual, this is why you sense and feel more and the reason you can feel close to several animals at the same instant. No do not feel you are being untrue or unfaithful to one because you sense a strong connection to another.

  5. Interesting that you suggest normal amount is four because that fits perfectly into my own observations. The ones that I have unsucsessfully tried to dismiss as my imagination apart from the wolf, till reading your posts. How perceptive of you regarding being untrue and stronger connections. It can happen that way on occasions and it is reassuring to know it\’s ok. I still find it strange about the animals sometimes being relations tho it does make sense and carries some logic too. I say this only in the sense that I hadn\’t heard of this before so it is a new angle on the subject for me to digest! I need to get a better grasp on that concept it is unfamiliar territory! It does create a kind of natural flow that "all our sacred guardians and physical ones work together"…this is strangely reassuring and I hope I will continue to learn much more about these matters.

  6. I know that I have Animal guardians, and have been protected and have seen psychically my bear totem animal who came to fend off some very strong thought forms, that were very negative in nature.. My group also have seen the shadow of a bear stood at my side when I went into trance states.. But I am also strongly aware that I see certain animals and birds who have messages to bring, One has to deduce though how to interpret these, and I have at times sort your help with this.. (The Raven was one remember? )

  7. I am glad you survived all that you have and sorry that anyone would have to go through such things. I am thankful you were saved, had wonderful teachings and are sharing what you are. Thank you for the words on the animals. Many years ago meeting the Wolf Spirit who was the Clan guardian of my friend Eagle Moon as she was dying was a gift that saved me at that time. It was a profound spiritual experience as the Wolf Spirit conveyed wordlessly that he would be with Eagle as she crossed over and she would be safe. The Tuscarora nation of the Haudonosaunee (People of the Longhouse) believe that animals decide who goes on and where in the afterlife according to how they treated animals during their earth life.It is good to hear of the animals for in my life they have been the best friends I have had.Blessings,Cynthia Andersen (Gendenwitha)

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