In Brief Five Spirit Crossing Eventss


In Brief What Events Caused me to cross so many times;

since I returned you might say their were temporary spiritual crossing and sacred life journeys.


First Crossing: Drunken lust, selfishness, greed, and hated and came one afternoon, by way of the one that took me in for money, She decided to kill me in the same way . . . she killed her biological daughter . . . drowning both in an over size four claw bathtub..  She pitched me against the wall behind the bathtub with water close to the very top. She wanted to make it appear, I fell in the tub and drowned she answered the telephone; I turned the water on, and over filled the tub. Which is the reason, I tried to climb out, instead, I slipped backwards, and knocked myself out, when I hit my head and back, and drowned. This was her reason, she tossed me against the wall to insure, and bruises would appear on my back and head . . . while she was on the telephone.


Second Crossing: I fell two stories off a slid and hit the ground, which stopped heart and lungs. The only reason I say I dead here was due to what a doctor and nurse, husband and wife, on the scene, who said I was not breathing when they arrived. They soon got concerned, since they were not able to get a heartbeat, for a good twelve minutes. Two-four years old girls playing at water’s edge on Pismo Beach, without supervision, when we put wet sand at the top of on a two-story high slide, which is where I toppled from and hit the ground. This one is questionable, but when I did return, the count of living five and the count of bodiless spirits more than fifty standing around me.


Third and Fourth Crossings: I died twice in one day (under six hours apart.) Third crossing departed around thirty minutes; and the fourth crossing it is assumed estimate I slipped away close to forty-five if not more minutes the second time. The reason an estimate, because the nurse had been out of the room for more than fifteen minutes, prior to calling Code Blue and more than thirty-five minutes before the Priest arrived to give me Last Rites.


 Fifth Crossing: I was summoned across to meet with the Sacred Highest of Highest Council of Archangel Chiefs and the Sacred Son of the Sacred Father who is the Eternal Light of Life Eternal. Again I know I was standing before the High Council at least five hours, to stand trial to determine if SunHawk would be allowed to life because my prayers for his life had proven too . . . selves.   


Sixth crossing: Several hours after my appendix ruptured, huge amounts of peritonitis and other toxic poisons ran rapid throughout system, but none were aware of all the danger or one rather large secondary sack of gangrene, until too late, when the surgeon scalpel hit cut into and ruptured the sack. Rapid poison, system shutdown, and spirit left to make its sacred journey home, once again. Lucky, for me I told two doctors, prior to surgery, I have a habit of dying during operation, but don’t give up since I do return. This time was after SunHawk crossed and I really did not want to return, but . . . .


Short Short Breakdown of Spirit Crossing


Now you know the short-short version, and breakdown, but no details or what happened afterwards. Considering each crossing awakens/bestows wisdom along with sacred knowledge and spiritual gifts to increase and/or enhance certain abilities. Nothing is so simple, when one realizes what is required aka demanded of each individual, because sometime it might include ones family members, too.

Sacred truth: once a person crosses their current and future lifetimes instantly change in many various ways. Gifts plus abilities, equals new assignments, enhanced objectives and increased responsibilities, this the Sacred Father requires of each individual he sends back. What most do not recall instantly upon rebirth arrival: the volumes of data and information one absorbs; rewiring of mental abilities; wonderful new spiritual responsibilities that come with ones new awareness; which in unique ways slowly awakens one to sacred spiritual cognizance?

This does not mean one is given power or position to mislead or misguide ones people, but to help and guide. Truth, most sacred spiritual leaders, spiritual warriors and/or sacred medicine elders, normally, cross at least three times or when urgent events of changing conditions. Spiritual Medicine Elders and Leaders do not consider their trainees to possess quality spiritual wisdom and until they have crossed at least three different times. First two times are sacred personal training, periods of evolvement tests, for those who cross and return; however the third journey, awaken individuals to discover the sacred blessings and understand the spiritual universe and our connection with the Sacred Father?

The third crossing gives them the ability to cross freely, speak with their guardians, guides, and teachers, even seek answers in the universe, or speak with the Sacred Father. This enhances ones ability to connect with various universal components; which produces good medicine elders; recognized by the people as sacred spiritual elders.


If you are interested continue to read beyond this point, This gives you details of how these events occurred, what I experienced, which combined gifts, knowledge, responsibilities, and obligations, each crossing also imparts support to enhance ones spiritual life journeys and adventures.


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