Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

To answer a question I have been seeing in a few places across the World Wide Web. To answer that question is the simplest way possible. I have lived a very extreme life, for a number of reason, but mainly to reawaken the sacred traditional truths and values of the Indigenous Native Peoples that were here long before this land was invaded. My purpose is to help connect the past with the present and the future.

God is Red and the Indigenous Native Peoples of this land were his sacred people. It was not meant for the whites to destroy, but for them to learn the sacred ways from the Peoples of this land. Now I come to show the way the sacred ways, traditions, culture, knowledge and medicine still exist. We can become one with the Spiritual Universe again, and if we do not we might be lost forever.

How I lived taught me many truths and allowed me to understand a great deal or universal knowledge. No, I am not a god or goddess; I am only one of many messenger/teacher, maybe if you read the section below you might get a glimpse at why I appear so strange or detached, from what most consider the main stream of life. I life in this universe, with one-foot in the spiritual realm all the time, and the other trying to connect with life here.

In truth and planned by the Sacred Ones and Sacred Father wanted the  Sacred Truths long denied the people we taught and awaken them to the sacred truths, break the bonds that enslaved them, and correct the twisted words by others, who claimed the one called Jesus taught and wanted them to follow. They meant for us help to awaken the people and in the process Mother Earth and humanity would have been able to walk together in harmony. Thus we would by now be physically, mentally and spiritually so much more advanced.


11 thoughts on “Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?”

  1. MichelleI have read many of the things you have written, some I understand and some I don\’t, but the one thing I do know is, it always come from your heart , and I think you could teach us all a thing or two about life and the landTake careSue

  2. Hi Michelle… I have come to know you Michelle.. and I know you are for real……….. many things come in different ways to different poeple, to help them bring the much enlightenment needed upon our Earth plane at these times of Change… Your teaching have helped me to come a better understanding of The Native Sciences.. And how each of us are connected.. It is only by experience that one progresses… some come many times to experience the same lessons… while others come and experience many lessons in one life time….. Your O.B.E. have enabled you more insight than that of the normal person… I too have known people who once they have died,have come back to review their lives, and to have knowledge they didn’t have before.. And hold that desire to help their fellow man… Your writings and teaching are doing that.. they open the mind to other possibilities and realities that only those who have been chosen are privy to…. There is more in Heaven and Earth.. Than any of us realise…. Now is the time when more and more will start to awaken to those Truths you have written about… I hope people will find your experiences of those encounters with death fascinating as I have done..In your Personal Truths…love and Blessings my spirit sister xx

  3. Rosemary: I wonder how many people really understand the sacred spiritual meaning behind those words?Sue Mc: I have one thing to say, if you read something you do not understand, please honor me enough to let me know what you have questions about, but it migth help to understand what section you have questions about if you enclose a couple of sentences. I wil do my best to explain it with more clarity. Remember, I am Native American and you are from that rather large island down under. You might also let me know what you are thinking I mean or how you understand it.

  4. We are all God\’s people…we are all brothers and sisters under the same sun…there is a sacred spiritual meaning behind everything we see, hear, feel and do in life as we perceive it. We can all learn from, rather than destroy our many and varied cultures and teachings and as we are all the same and equal in the eyes of God then we all have the potential to \’become one with Spiritual Universe\’. Your knowledge is particularly interesting because it deals with subjects that are not common knowledge and may well otherwise go unknown. 🙂

  5. We are all part of the Sacred Hoop of Life and until we learn to sit and put spiritual knowledge together, then pull from all the knowledge the sacred truths, so can we come together in a sacred world. Because the Indigenous Natives sacred values and truths have not and cannot be changed we hold the key along with the Hawaiians, and Natives of Australia are the three key cultures; which hold the lost truths. Another part of the reason, I have had to take so many journeys; the crossing were necessary for the travel and journeys I continued to take. We need to balance mortal and spiritual universes. ??

  6. Hi Michelle,I hope you are well.I may not agree with all that you write about but I know that God has given us all freedom of choice.You are exercising your choice and beliefs and it\’s reflected in your very diverse and unique site.Take care.

  7. Spirituality Michelle has no room for racist remarks ! If we claim to be one and are connected please live by the Universal Laws , you are a friend , dont stray from the Spiritual path Michelle ….be true to yourself and others, no matter what race, creed or color !

    1. the words I have used are the words the Sacred Father has given me. The sacred ways of his children he said is still the purest truths. It is meant for the Native Peoples to teach the sacred ways he gave the Indigenous People. What hurts the Sacred Father is the way he sent many to teach those who were mislead and so again he wants his sacred ways taught to those that want to learn. Yet, there are many he has sent here to teach his children of different beliefs in different ways. No matter which way one travels the sacred path in time we all come back to the sacred center. I am following the Sacred Father has directed me when he called me to stand before him in his Sacred Chamber and then before the Sacred Council of Chiefs and Elders. I do not reject anyone that wishes to learn in the way the Sacred Elders have taught me and I do not reject any of the others teachings for in life we each have a sacred path to walk.

  8. David Miller Ramsay
    Regardless of race, creed or color for me everyone is equal , I am Spiritualist , we are all the same, we walk as one , we are all connected and no one can ever change or take that away from me , ever !

    Michelle RedSun EagleHawk The same reason I start the group Spiritual Life Adventures to let people share, ask questions and become aware.

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