Sixth Crossing in more details

Greater Details about the Sixth Crossing and a few events leading up to the Sixth Crossing

Sixth crossing:

Several hours, eighteen hours in reality, after my appendix ruptured, huge amounts of peritonitis and other toxic poisons had begun to run rapid throughout my system. Many years earlier I had my appendix close to rupture, with a massive kidney stone. No, when the problem started I could not find time to go until all my grocery shopping and house cleaning was done. Around 0300 hours some twenty hours since the pain began, I went to the hospital, the blood examples showed I needed emergency surgery, without the surgery death was possible.

          The nurses began to prep me for surgery, however, when they left the room, something within me felt if they operated I would die. Prayers, begging, tearful fears, “Help me Father, Help me Mother, Grandmothers and guardians help me, if they operate I know I will die, I know this is something else it wrong and if they operate I will die. I continue to cry and plead with the Sacred Grandmothers and Grandfathers to help me; I know I would die if they operated.   

          Then it happened, a very large hand reach through the hospital from heaven . . . only the center of the palm covered me from neck to knees; what a wonderful feeling. The sacred hand flood and engulf my entire physical form with gentle, energy, which helped to heal and relax every fiber of my being. It was easy to sense the poisons departing muscles and blood. The violent energy and excessive place is replaced with comfort and relaxation.

Before the sacred hand from heaven departed the voice of the one who came spoke: This is the last time we will heal you from appendix ruptures, the next time you will have to undergo surgery. Remember we did this because you have other problems that need to be handled, first or you would have died. Make sure they do another serious of blood tests, before they take you into surgery. After the appendix flare-up, the problems were major . . . kidney stones the size of a silver dollar in my right kidney, and 109 tumors and cysts in my female organs. The surgery could have created a number of serious life threatening conditions, which I might not have been able to recover from even with the sacred healing.


Twenty-years and three months later: Right after SunHawk crossed, stress caused a major flare-up and the pain was worse than it had ever been in the past from child birth, to kidney stones. Truth, I soon began to experience all the pain I experienced the last three times my crazy appendix flared up. I never knew a body can expel so much liquid or it could come up from ones bowels, with such a bad, taste. More than 60 gallons of waste made its way out, before I decided to ask someone to drive me to the hospital. I am convinced the massive discharge of waste and toxins is what saved my life or I would have died before they decided to operate.

          Yes, I prayed to the Sacred Grandmothers and Grandfather to help me overcome this pain and heal me, I did not want to go to the hospital. I had no insurance which meant I had to go to the country hospital, with doctors that had no respect for the patients who came there. The voice came back: Not this time we have healed you before and we told you the last time, when your appendix flared up you would have to undergo surgery. After several hours of begging, I had to ask some friends to drive me to the hospital, I was too sick to drive myself.

          By the time I arrived at the hospital, a good amount of poison had been discharged, so my exam and blood work, gave the doctors more cause to disbelieve me. They considered sending me home, until my friend told them, about the amount of liquid discharge and the colors or yellow, green and brown. They had never seen one person discharge so much liquid in under an hour. The next morning they did an ultrasound and discovered the appendix had ruptured and was wrapped around my colon and lower intestine. The nurse that called me a liar when I was doubled over in pain, had to eat her foods and I requested and apology.  

Emergency surgery was scheduled and off I go to surgery, two of the surgeons, I had not seen so I request another doctor to be present, he knew my past history of being summonsed. No x-ray or ultrasound showed the danger of possible death; one rather large secondary sack of gangrene. When the surgeon made his second incision, his scalpel ruptured the secondary sack. Rapid poison spread, system shutdown, and spirit left to make a sacred journey home, once again. Lucky, for me I told two doctors, prior to surgery, I have a habit of dying during operation, and asked them not to give up since I do return. This time was after SunHawk crossed and I really did not want to return, but . . . .

          This the lead doctor doing the operation assumed I was dead-dead and he was going to perform an autopsy right there in the operating room and see the extent of the problem – how and why is killed me. It took an heated discussion for the other doctors to stop and they competed the surgery. I was in the hospital for four week with my stomach slowly healing from the inside out, because of the poisons in my system and the amount of cleansing required or I could have died again. I have a big enough scar from the over zealous doctor.


This time I was able to met with SunHawk and receive instructions from the Elders about what I needed to do and the extreme danger I was still in. They wanted me to move, as soon as possible, (ASAP). Those adventures I will leave for another time. This is not the place to give you all the details and spiritual awakenings afterwards, because spiritual events require a good number of chapters. If you are interested let me know.


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