Third and Fourth Crossing Read it to Believe IT


Third and Fourth Crossing this one you have to read to believe

These events caused a number of people to beleive


Third and Fourth Crossing:

Began with an auto accident which left me paralyzed from the neck down, until an angel came an put my spine back in place; which allowed me to walk again, and hold my head up . . . only a few hours before I was scheduled for spinal surgery. Because I was seeing a beautiful silver-blue surrounding me, I asked the doctors to give me seventy-four hours before they operated, and then I only had a 40-60 chance of walking with the surgery.

What no one realized is how I was pregnant, or how much damaged the steering wheel caused the fetus, until a miscarriage happened the between third and fourth month, during 4th of July weekend. Unsure of the problem or the reason for the massive bleeding, I refused to go to the hospital, until my doctor returned from his holiday.

          Third Crossing: Took everyone by surprise, on the operating table, under sedation, my spirit spoke and shocked everyone in the operating room, when I said I am going to die because of the poisons from the infections, in my blood. Before the doctor could say anything, I ask everyone in the operating room to stand witness to my last will and testament. The doctor was amazed at all the details of what goes where right down to the silverware, and dishes.

Next I asked for everyone in the room to give me their name, and promise they would made sure my children went to a person whose name I gave, but I did not know, because no matter what happened, no relations were qualified to take care of my children, I really wanted them to go to a certain reservation and be raised by the spiritual leader, but I knew they would refuse, so they had to go to a person the Sacred Father approved and not my parents. In fact, they were not to come close to them for any reason and then I listed a number of reasons. Once I completed with what I had to say I flat lined.

No matter how hard they tried, they could not get me to return, after thirty minutes gave-up and began to pull the plugs and shut down all the equipment, but the doctor still wanted to finish the surgery and as he we closing up, I returned and shocked him. He did not want to call me dead until he completed the surgery. Earth time . . . from exodus to rebirth the doctor said was in the area of thirty-two or thirty-seven minutes. What I remember when I returned, one real deep breath and a shout of “I am back, doctor. Oh! how I’m freezing cold, what happened?”

Forth Crossing: Two-hours after the doctor assumed it was save to deposit a very cold body in a room wrapped in more than a foot-deep of blankets. The nurse assigned to monitor this Red Sun, for the next eight hours, left the room for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and Red Sun spilt, again.

Someone reported my condition to dad; he called a priest to give me Last Rites, the doctors still tried for more than forty-minutes, to get a heartbeat but no heartbeat. This time they called family members and to let them I had crossed. Dad arrived with the priest to give me Last Rites. Truth, he remembered what has happened in the past, so he did not want them to transport the body to the morgue, until he could see his daughter; which allows more time for me to return.

Coming into the room, I could hear a Priest giving Last Rites, and observe two nurses, a doctor and dad were standing in the room, too. First thoughts he can not finish, if I am going to survive, if he finishes I will not be allowed to stay. The poor Priest, I screamed, “I am not dead yet, how dare you give me Last Rites.” Simultaneously, either conscious or subconscious reacted with arms flaying in the air, when one arm connected not so gently, and knocked him off balance. Truth, not fully conscious, my spirit was aware of how close I was to the point of no return and reacted with a spirit struggling to reconnect and stabilize. (Red Sun’s third and fourth crossing journeys; provided some wonderful knowledge and gifts I can share with others.)


Entrance into the Sacred Garden of Life Eternal: What a wonderful place with many Sacred Mothers of the People, sitting around without shoes, to welcome one who had come to visit with them. After they welcomed me, they made it clear I had a very important life journey ahead of me. What they said I did not understand, because they called Red Sun a very important Mother of the People, then they went into the importance and urgency of events and why I must return and remain in this physical form, until I am called home.

What I can say of this place nothing dies, grows old, nor decays. The beauty is beyond words; for the colors pure, honest, clear and real not murky or clouded. No brown edges to flowers, only continual life and growth. The grass grows green, abundant, thick, and strong on both sides of this Creek of Life Eternal. One beautiful creek filled with crystal clear blue water, Creek of Life Eternal Water, which was also the sacred force restricting Red Sun to the Garden of Life Eternal where the Sacred Mothers gathered to visit.

The Sacred Mothers of the Peoples explained; “I was not allowed in the villages, since you must return home to save the people, because without you thousands would perish needlessly and others will be lost forever. Red Sun, we know it is hard for you to understand, but you are a very important Sacred Mother of the Red Peoples and to the Sacred Father. The Sacred Father, himself, sent you back to save the people for without, you, too much will be lost. To cross that foot bridge, is to cross into the point of no return, and we cannot let you cross.”

I asked; Is there not are others beside me that can help the people, why can’t I stay here, and join my relations, I don’t even know who I am, where I came from or who my mother really is and you want me to return, to save a people that know not that I exist, let others help the people.”

True, different nationalities of whites, blacks, and others have their own saviors, but without me the people of the Red Nations, will perish needlessly and all will be lost.”

“Please, I did not want to return cannot you understand, the pain is too great and I do not know, if I standup under it any longer.” When I finished saying those words I headed out to go across the footbridge and join relations on the other side. I felt sure enough, the final decision was mine; which might have been, if the Sacred Father of Light and Life Eternal did not have other plans for me.


The creek’s bridge did not allow those whose time had not come to crossover to the Sacred Nation of Life Eternal. Nevertheless, the longer I stayed, the stronger the eternal call to join my relations became. In truth, after a certain amount of time I struggled to remain in the garden, the allure to cross proved impossible to resist. Truth, my spirit wanted to join my relations. Nevertheless, the greatest pain developed when I sensed Grandmother M, and other relations in the sacred village of traditional elders, I heard her voice in the chats. Yes, we all could hear the chats, drummers, and laughter, along with the sound of children and animals: dogs, horses, bears, wolves, eagles, hawks and many others in the villages, too. Beyond gaining a sacred awareness of a wonderful experience, what else can one say?

On the bridge and the destination, of one stubborn Red Sun changed . . . one step before the halfway point, on the bridge of no return linking realms arrived two-Sacred Guardian Chiefs. Each dressed in all white-buckskins, wearing double row medicine bonnets of all pure white eagle feathers, longer than they were tall, quickly appeared on each side, took hold of Red Sun and transported one eternal spirit for reconnection with physical form. They received instruction to make sure I remained in my mortal skin and did not try to escape again. In truth, two-guardians are not quit and they insured I received both ears full on the journey to connect with Red Sun’s physical form. They must have stood eight or nine-feet tall; if not taller.

Until, assigned to watch over me and mine, they were sacred guardians to the Sacred Father. They explained sacred angels, and guardians to the Sacred Father of Life and Light Eternal are much taller than mortals on earth. Before I left the hospital, a total of four were assigned, to protect, guide and teach us. Needless, to say we kept and still do keep them busy.


Yes, each crossing proved easier to gain more sacred, traditional, spiritual, and universal wisdom, because it is easy to connect with the sacred ones, too. Each journey increase ones connection with greater spiritual awareness. Each return of ones soul/spirit, ones mortal and eternal spirit receives enriched comprehension of our sacred universe, along with new abilities. Despite consequences, leading up to and/or connected to say events, once one returns, after the first couple of days, it will take several weeks or months, before one realizes ones new life direction. Awakening to a new direction of life, is not something most people full realize within the first twenty or thirty days after return crossing.

Ones journey across can equate to several cycles or a couple of hours with the Sacred Ones, yet, we may return to our form within less than an hour earth time, from when we went on our journey, I refer to as temporary crossing. During our visit we ingest centuries of information, and undergo training in order to learn how to handle new gifts. Once we return from are crossing visitation, we can and will still receive more enlightenment information, which is in . . . Truth . . . our spiritual awakening.


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  1. The enlightenment from crossing over is truly an experience of a life time. Thank you for posting this blog my wonderful friend.Hugs

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