WHY Spiritual Physics … YOU ASK

WHY Spiritual Physics … YOU ASK


Why Spiritual Physics . . . I know many people wonder why and what are the reasons I use the terms Spiritual Physics, Universal Physics, and Quantum Physics?  First reason: Flat line dead five or six times, when spirit departs physical forms. A couple of times medical staff declared me death and once I even received toe tag, but the worse was when a doctor declared me dead and began to cut me for an autopsy. Luckily, I told two doctors, before this surgery, I have a habit of dying on the operating table.

         Once you have made as many crossing as I have, spent a good number of years as a trance medium, taking so many spirit walks, and witnessed countless events people call miracles it is easy to begin to see and understand why, because these events have been great teachers.

4 thoughts on “WHY Spiritual Physics … YOU ASK”

  1. Many are blinded by the material things in life and have closed their minds to learning beyond wealth and personal gain on a decidedly non-spiritual level.

  2. Yes, and maybe when people read the entire sections of experiences, they will understand the reasons behind the Whys of Spiritual Physics. Maybe it is a dream, but I hope they will also understand more of what I have written about and it will give a better insight into some of my spiritual adventures. Since I do walk with in both realms or universes depending on how people perceive our spiritual connection. (:-)

  3. Rosemary: Faith is a beautiful this and in its own right filled with wonder and magic. Fatih is a wonderful thing to have and to hold, loss it and all is lost.

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