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Section Three: Truth is Truth…Terminology…Native Sciences

I Challenged the generic terminology of Shaman to Medicine Men and Women. In truth, we were
unique scientist who had the ability to work with quantum physics and nature.
Time for the Sleeper to Awaken
Very Powerful Awakening in this section
Truth is ageless and time less, for truth is the one thing we need to understand and recognize,
What is really interesting is how children can recognize truths longs before teenagers and preteens even. 
I have not only been one that is the seeker of truth but the seeker of spiritual facts and realities.
Thus is got me in and out of trouble in unique ways.  
Section Three—Truth is Truth  
Section Three—Truth is Truth



Point One—New Challenges


The truth is truth, and sometimes the only ones to know truths actual reality, is the Sacred Father and the individual that accomplished the said works. Truth is not the always the reality humanity wants to believe while many feel more comfortable believing half-truths or reverse truths, than acceptance of sacred realities and actual truths; which then empowers the lack of grow mentally, emotionally or on levels of universal environment. Fact: to accept truth’s reality in many proceedings takes a big leap of faith, and the desire to ride the winds of light and life eternal, which it the only way one can understand truths, all too often we put up roadblocks to acceptance of truth. Yes, I continued my research and increased my experiences, I learned much during the trials and various events. I ask are you ready to take a huge leap of faith with me?  

I would like to demonstrate to you we use volumes more of our brains, beyond ten-percent, we do have the power to enhance and create miracles, and relate on and through many levels of communication beyond our five senses. We are even more capable of greater brain functions; it starts with prayer and spiritual mental physics advancements.



Point Two— Medicine Person


Universe’s Spiritual Science Medicine


You are very Powerful Medicine Woman are words that never set right with me, they were generic and in some ways extremely insulting. Add twenty more years to life work, adventures, research, and analysis to valuable sacred traditions and spiritual ways of the indigenous peoples; and finally if lucky one can understood why.


Dictionary definitions of Medicine Man or Woman, Shaman, Witch Doctor prove too generic and show little or no understanding, and some variations were more insulting than others.


We understood OUR Gifts  


Those gifted with the ability to recognize and use Universes Spiritual Physics and Universal Quantum Physics the answers is clear. We begin our journey understanding how to use prayer power and set up our own place in the House of my Sacred Father our many mansions. The mansions the Sacred Father envisioned were not huge churches or buildings, but an area one or a group of eternal spirits join together to learn. We (our sacred spirit of eternal light and life are the mansions, referred to in the House of the Sacred Father are many mansions; our eternal spirits enter it by way of our prayers, faith, meditations, sacred love, deeds, sprit-heart, seekers of knowledge and acceptance. In time, it will answer who are the ones that create your sacred land. Learning in the House of my Sacred Father is the true beginning of ones sacred spiritual journey and you can go there in spirit now, for this is your sacred place, too.



Point Two-A Not Medicine Men


Universes Spiritual Scientific Physicists



  Vast areas of spiritual physics became the sacred place indigenous peoples had strong connections with and understood how to tap into universal physics and advanced knowledge. The place of awakenings, awareness, enlightenment, and learning the place we were able to connect our where oneness begins. Many were before the invasion and some still are universes spiritual physicists, spiritual scientists with the abilities to work within the fields of physics and enrich conditions with our spiritual abilities and knowledge. We do not predetermine what our sacred path, abilities, prime directive or primary objectives are in this lifetime for each one develops over many lifetimes, and then when we least expect our enlightenment . . . we are ready to take an even greater journeys.


Only recently has humanity began to investigate what we knew

Universal Awareness of Universes Physics

We were Spiritual Scientific Physicists

Before 1400’s 


Yes, for centuries we walked a different path of development, gained extensive knowledge of and strong connection to . . . the Sacred Father and Universe spiritual/universal physics, including quantum physics. For centuries we past our sacred knowledge along to those who would use the wisdom and gifts in a sacred way: one of the other reasons we had many clans and teachers. (Clans equates to spiritual schools for training and development. Spiritual Science/Medicine Physicists equates to college professors and leaders.) Some returned and started college before they could walk. Certain people developed their abilities and wisdom across many lifetimes then when needed, returned ready, to help teach and guide the people on new and sacred journey of Spiritual Advancements.

Many learned how to work with quantum physics, spiritual physics, and countless other universal connections. They are the ones whose life and energies connected to the sacredness of the universe. All training began with the understanding and abilities to pray in the sacred way. Example of born ready across many lifetimes: Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Grandmother M, and others, just so you can see it is not religious pacific. The only difference, between declaration of Sainthood, the Catholic Church kept better records and/or they were the only ones that recorded the many sacred abilities certain people in their church possessed while they rejected and denounced all others.

(A question that has been eating at me for a very along time, Why, has so much death and destruction happened, in the name of . . . because of articles the Churches decrees and self-righteous viewpoints.)




Point Three—Terminology

Sacred Spiritual Indigenous Native Medicine Scientist


 Universal Sacred Research Abilities

NOT Medicine Men or Women

Honest Terminology Equates into Sacred Life of Universal Elders who worked with daily, and experienced Physics & Quantum Physics on a Universal Level

Our Sacred Elders were did not believe in titles and power, but our abilities meant duties and responsibilities to the peoples, nature, Mother Earth, Sacred Father, all things sacred, spiritual and universal.


Scientists, Psychologist, Theology, Medical Doctors, Astrophysicist, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Physics with the Sacred Universe and Earth Mother, Universal Physicists, Teachers, Leaders, Spiritual Warriors, Warrior Chiefs aka Generals and governing body, we were nations of great wisdom and knowledge.

Across time the Churches and Government, did not acknowledge and refused to accept or understand the lifestyle of indigenous peoples. If hey accepted, they would have to acknowledge we were a nation of people, whose abilities and knowledge they feared, and land they wanted, so how could they respect and honor those they wanted to destroy. The invaders bundled everything under hostile and in their opinion used numerous degrading terms for our Spiritual Leaders, and Sacred Spiritual Indigenous Native Medicine Scientist of medicine men, and women, witch doctors and shamans. Negative terminology of animals and demons in their way,

For protection, scores of the sacred people went to sleep.


Now is the time for the sleeper to awaken.



Point Four—If one Experiences one can Understand


Granted if one has not experienced one does not understand, and it is harder to explain, since languages concepts very and with our knowledge base was knowingness based on oneness of spirit teachings. Thus, word concepts lacked the energy of spirit to relate in a few short words, what ones sacred eternal spirit of life and light experience and absorb. If one has spent a good portion if not all of ones entire life involved with indigenous culture and sciences; along with experience and  interactive involvement, witnessing and/or working with the universes spiritual teachings, spiritual sciences, sacred medicines and physics, I could see where one might consider it some form of dark magic. Especially, if you’re told and believe life is in black and white, you are white and everything else is black.

Suggestion: Go to the largest library and see it you can learn all and work with all the knowledge. Now tell me, would it not be hard to understand the vast amount of knowledge our people used and possessed on a daily basis, when your knowledge base and foundation were different; which is why our culture has always been presented as abstract.

Strange how some things barely change, we were/are an unknown factor, they saw things the same way the elementary school principal, and teachers (who grew up with extreme prejudices) saw things, and refused to believe, the truth. I was guilty until proven innocent. Thus my point says all who came and grew-up in the shadow of false believes, saw their religion in one-direction and anything other, than their way, they perceived, their inferior. They perceived children their inferior from the beginning. Yes, I could have past myself off as white, but then I would have to lie and build my life on lies.

Indigenous Natives are, (they learned), nothing more than ignorant lost children that needed others to take care of them. Or so they wanted and needed to believe. Indigenous children all practiced the dark arts, which gave them the right to consider our ways, dark, demonic and made it right for them to convince themselves we invoked the demons of witches. Especially during their era of witch-hunt fears and belief system and self-righteous indignation belief systems, which for various reasons continue to feed hate in different ways, by those who refused to take the time to learn?

Our doctors and teachers they called Shaman and Witch Doctors, the name Medicine Man was a term coined later. I have noticed various parts of our world’s social structure are starting to come around, and recognize we had a strong society unity. People are beginning to realize we combined our sciences, cultures, traditions, with natural medicines, and universes quantum physics, which incorporates amazing levels of spiritual relationship with universal awareness, coupled with our connection to the Sacred Father’s spiritual universe of universal knowledge together with physics to achieve the harmony, we only see in a few great ones these days.

Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Grandmother M and several other great Spiritual Leaders and Healers, (I have known this lifetime) who walked with a sacred harmony. Truths reality, the ones they called Saints we considered among our people, Sacred Spiritual Leaders. However, this harmony was the norm among the indigenous people, which enriched our sacred unity and oneness.