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Opening to Red Sun Unwrapped


These sections I provide for all to get to know the Center of My Life Foundtion 

I can not speak my heart without posting these five sections.

For more than fifty-five years I have studied power of prayers, it sacred journeys and many powerful prayer foundations.


Red Sun Unwrapped Truth without Reservations 



To One and All, I wish I could reach out and hug each individual and each family member in need of prayer’s supports. This I speak from experience, when we look at or hear a loved one is in need of prayers, that individual is not the only one who requires our prayers; we fail to see the entire unit of family and friends need support. I ask each of you to take this as a sacred spiritual hugs of love from me. Now let us see what we can do to get our prayers answered. I think, first you need to know where my foundation and training began, in connection with my mentor.   


My background has been massive and long-lived lifetime of lessons, in spiritual research and studies. A good number of my strong abilities, I was born with although other continued to develop, and strengthen, faster than I could speak recognizable words. Why words, after all, I had interactive communication abilities with people. After speech, my abilities continued to enhance my lifetime of experiences. What others consider, telepathic communications, was just another form of communication. Yes, it was only one of several simple forms of communication via energy reception/perception patterns.

Spirit provided me with an interesting capacity to touch personas, which empowered me to research a wide range of psychological connections with varying conscious and subconscious levels, of positive/negative physics, and abstract thinking, which bonded me with personal awareness, to spiritual and mental physics. One gift enhanced my ability to sense/experience direct/indirect influences; comprehend certain conscious/subconscious energy impacts on lifestyle, various levels of physical/mental development. Since I had the ability to read minds and see certain events along personal and national timeline, and a strong telepathic communication association. Few other unique abilities, of animal communication, speak with spirits, medium, communicate with animals, and certain disembodied entities.