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Section One: Truth without Reservations (Red Sun) Sacred Foundations





 Section One—Truth without Reservations


To understand Red Sun is to know my

Spiritual Foundation, Mentor, and Guardian

Sacred Spiritual Mentor/Teacher/Guardian, and so much more to people around the world


To Understand Why: the next few paragraphs are—abbreviated synopsis—of critical data is to assist in the comprehension of why I speak and wrote the articles to you is connected to background, and training. As far back as I can recall, I was trained in the ways, which directed me to become a spiritual/medicine elder, and teacher. (1) My areas of research have to do with the physics of life and prayers. (2) External and internal influences, mortal and immortal, environments linked with psychological, spiritual, and universal forms of physics. (3) Numerous areas of spirituality connected to sacred traditions, cultures, medicine lifestyles. (4) I have also learned ways to rediscover and awaken past lifestyles of my peoples, Indigenous Natives, which awakened within unique physics discoveries to connection and/or reconnect us with spiritual universe and multi—universes. One needs to understand we have personal and oneness links to unique interactive sciences, which include universal quantum physics.


  1. My mentor Grandmother M was a spiritualist ministry, people from around the world would call on a Sacred Saint, healer and miracle worker women, to pray for them. Her prayers were powerful and saved thousands of lives along with her visions, among a few of the reason most people called her Sacred Saint Mother M, and all had come to considered her a very powerful medicine woman. When she crossed, over 5,000 people came to her crossing ceremonies from all around the world including six representatives from China, six representatives from Russia, at least twenty from Muslim Countries, including every nation in Africa, every island nation, Mexico, Canada, and North America. The last three had the most representatives attending her ceremonies, and then at least 150 in total arrived from Central and South America. I did not get the count of how many church leaders, political leaders, and Chiefs attended from most of the reservation. The city had to take over the preparation for her services it got so big, and Fresno (late 1950s) could only accommodate no more than 5,000 visitors. Thus 5,500 represented almost a million people from around the world. She never wrote a book, held an office, but people considered her on par with Sacred VIP Ambassadors Grandmother M could hold her own along side Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II.


    1. If Grandmother M was Catholic, she could have been categorized "Sainted Mother M," although many leaders of the Catholic Church honored and respected her openly and referred to her by the title of Sainted Mother and even many Nuns sought her guidance. For a child, walking into a Catholic Church beside Grandmother M, observing Priest and Nuns embrace and welcome her via a title of respect, Sister or Sainted Mother M, thank you for coming. . . . We can use your help. Many time they called on her to pray for people, along with her secret/successful ways of healing through the ways she cooked and served food. Her sacred abilities through prays, touch, food and blessings all lead to the healings and wellness of others.


    1. Grandmother M loved and accepted everyone into her sacred spiritual bosom; all recognized a sacred mother embrace of love and acceptation without judgment or reservation of any type within her spirit-heart.


                                                             i.      Yes, Grandmother M, Mother Teresa, and Pope John Paul II, representatives of the Sacred Father and possessed the same sacred persona and abilities.

                                                           ii.      Amazing spiritual powers, messenger, teacher, healer, guardian, and wondrous abilities, now it was easy for me to understand, why so many spoke of her in sacred terms of a saint.

                                                         iii.      Then what I know of the Sacred Father and Council of Elders there was much more to the lives of three or more saints’ appearance, to teach and guide. One gift to humanity: learn unconditional love . . . learn how to love openly with ones spirit-heart giving forward spiritual physics filled with love.


  1. Grandmother M’s original training came from Ojibwa medicine elders. Between their knowledge learned and experienced, combined with three-centuries of Indigenous Native Scientific Sacred Awareness, ability to communicate and move across realms and it many levels of Spiritual/Universal Physics became her life lessons.
    1. Her training began even before she could speak and advanced rapidly with speech and so it was the same with me. Thus, she was young when they were old, my training began around the same age,
    2. When young, our first foundations of teachers are the eldest of spiritual elders.
    3. We continued with our research and studies, which enhanced our knowledge, then we get to the point we begin to experience our learning from the Sacred Ones.


  1. TRUTH: Grandmother M, the only woman I witnessed walk on above ground in the with air under her feet, above land and water, but personal experiences, suggest guardian angels lift her up and carry, until she completed her spiritual communications with the ones that sought her help and asked her to pray for. . . . Either she was an with the sacred abilities or angels carried Grandmother M, they kept her pure connected to the Sacred Ones, which insured everyone received their instructions in the purest of terms. At no time did she touch the ground, until she completed all necessary communications, which included letters, to phone calls and/or telegrams, to all that requested her prayers and received communications back from her.
    1. People who requested her prayers, awaited instructions linked to task they are requested to accomplish prove his or her love, concern, and personal commitment to the wellness and/ or protection of a love one, family, or friend.
  2. All that requested prayers, would receive Instructions to accomplish certain tasks. She understood the countless ways and power of prayers. (Tests, Lessons, and Awakenings we experience through prayers.) Other times certain times they will answer a prayer within minutes or hours. Yet, certain people will receive assignments to do various things to show appreciation and love or the person might have a relapse.


Different from the beginning 


Section Two: Speaking in Parables, Metaphors, and/or Allegories

Sacred Spiritual Elder recognized the truth of  Red Sun Spiritual Path