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Don’t Ever Forget . . . Haunting Memories Summons

Written in traditional storyteller style
After weeks of working on the article and sorting out my files, I decided to write this in traditional storyteller style. It is a composite article, filled with facts and information, which gives you the different sides from a third person prospective.
I have not got it cataloged because the site went down for awhile. ON the right hand side of you monitor it is three sections, so you can have the opportunity to read it similar to chapters. No fair reading the last section first, you will spoil the mystery.
Sections of the short story:

Don’t Ever Forget . . . Memories
Don’t Ever Forget … Drummers Sound … Spirit Awakens
Don’t Ever Forget … Dangerous Breaking Point
the following are in the same section of Dangerous Breaking Points
Don’t Ever Forget … What One Learns
Don’t Ever Forget . . . What happened to Red Sun
Mysterious Grandparents


If you read the original article tell me what you think of this one and if you have not let me know if this held your interest