Child’s Anger

The Anger within a Child’s Heart invites Danger in Ones Life
The Circle in Ones Life is Large
The anger within ones heart, can reach out and  harm not only the child within
 but family, friends, and strangers.

Short outline to Prayer Concepts

When one seeks spiritual awareness and blessings 


This That I Can Do You Can Do and Even Greater.

Sacred Truth: No matter how hard one prays, and/or expects miracles there are many other factors involved in receiving an answer to ones prayer.

1.     Lack of faith can create blocks for healing

2.     Fear can enhance negativity in ones physical being and make conditions worse

3.     Anger in ones spirit can block healings and invite more extreme conditions

4.     Depression is lack of faith, which means refusal to accept ones healing fate and resigns to continuation of problems.




Foundations are powerful:

1.     Faith acceptance is important programming to ones healing realities.

2.     Most recoveries require the blending of Sacred Angels, Blessings from the Sacred Father and valuable interaction with Professional Medicine Healers, for a person to receive a complete healing.

3.     Sacred Guardians and even Archangels love working with Professional Medicine Healers, Medical Staff, Traditional Medicine Men, Researchers, and a wide profession of Healers.

4.     They enjoy guiding Medicine Healers to learn new advance techniques in all areas of medicine.



The Sacred Father and Archangels support Earth guardian angels and healers:

1.     All those in the areas of spiritual healers, areas of spiritual quantum physics and universal physics, spiritual medicines, researchers in all areas of medicine, scientist, medical healers, medical teams, medical staff, and partners . . . Each one individually or working together as a team are powerful.

2.     One should be able to realize and accept the sacred ability of healings through earthly angels, so when one prays one need to make sure the medical staff and medical healers, ones includes prayer supports for in ones prayers..

3.     Know recovery and wellness requires a support team.

4.     One et all, are important an important part of an amazing spiritual physic team.

5.     Working with the angels on earth, requires working with and through sacred universe’s guardian angels and the Sacred Father, our prayers can prove powerful if one speaks to them in the right way.




Long before the Golden Hour as the  Holiest of the Holiest Sacred Father of Light and Life Eternal, guardians angels see it, they will ask families to exhibit how important the healing of . . . is to them. They will ask for various sacrifices from all who are praying for . . . (family or friend).

Sacred Guardians will ask some personal sacrifice each one who takes a stand to pray for the wellness of family or friend. They ask each to show they are sincere, exhibit how much love they have for the one in need of total constructive wellness healings, along with personal sacrifice.




Only by sharing some personal history will you come to understand what I mean.

1.     From over 300 years of knowledge and personal experiences, I would like to help you see and understand, why all too often, prayers are more destructive than constructive.

2.     Then there is the once only prayer from some one and then he/she question why their once only prayer does not receive answers.

3.     Truth, a good majority of prayers for healing means the entire family also requires a healing and/or awakening for the healing to move forward.

4.     In many cases, prayers are a doorway to spiritual advancements and awakenings for families.

5.     I have experienced and witnessed so much I come to realize they are important to share.



Indigenous Natives Spiritual Abilities:

1.     We learned via experiences and training, from visual, mental, physical, and spiritual connections, thus in many ways we gained a better understanding of oneness and insight into the various areas of spiritual/universal/quantum physics and unity.

2.     Our knowledge was vastly greater in the way we connected to Earth Mother and the Sacred Father, along with our ancestors and relations.

3.     We developed the capability to understand and connect with all the elements of Mother Earth; which gave us greater wisdom than I can express here.

4.     We knew how to take care of the Earth Mother, we received and developed skills to use personal, spiritual, and universal quantum physics, which is the way I relate and share my experiences.




 Time to think and dream about the words and see if you can visualize the concepts

Opening to Red Sun Unwrapped


These sections I provide for all to get to know the Center of My Life Foundtion 

I can not speak my heart without posting these five sections.

For more than fifty-five years I have studied power of prayers, it sacred journeys and many powerful prayer foundations.


Red Sun Unwrapped Truth without Reservations 



To One and All, I wish I could reach out and hug each individual and each family member in need of prayer’s supports. This I speak from experience, when we look at or hear a loved one is in need of prayers, that individual is not the only one who requires our prayers; we fail to see the entire unit of family and friends need support. I ask each of you to take this as a sacred spiritual hugs of love from me. Now let us see what we can do to get our prayers answered. I think, first you need to know where my foundation and training began, in connection with my mentor.   


My background has been massive and long-lived lifetime of lessons, in spiritual research and studies. A good number of my strong abilities, I was born with although other continued to develop, and strengthen, faster than I could speak recognizable words. Why words, after all, I had interactive communication abilities with people. After speech, my abilities continued to enhance my lifetime of experiences. What others consider, telepathic communications, was just another form of communication. Yes, it was only one of several simple forms of communication via energy reception/perception patterns.

Spirit provided me with an interesting capacity to touch personas, which empowered me to research a wide range of psychological connections with varying conscious and subconscious levels, of positive/negative physics, and abstract thinking, which bonded me with personal awareness, to spiritual and mental physics. One gift enhanced my ability to sense/experience direct/indirect influences; comprehend certain conscious/subconscious energy impacts on lifestyle, various levels of physical/mental development. Since I had the ability to read minds and see certain events along personal and national timeline, and a strong telepathic communication association. Few other unique abilities, of animal communication, speak with spirits, medium, communicate with animals, and certain disembodied entities.


Section One: Truth without Reservations (Red Sun) Sacred Foundations





 Section One—Truth without Reservations


To understand Red Sun is to know my

Spiritual Foundation, Mentor, and Guardian

Sacred Spiritual Mentor/Teacher/Guardian, and so much more to people around the world


To Understand Why: the next few paragraphs are—abbreviated synopsis—of critical data is to assist in the comprehension of why I speak and wrote the articles to you is connected to background, and training. As far back as I can recall, I was trained in the ways, which directed me to become a spiritual/medicine elder, and teacher. (1) My areas of research have to do with the physics of life and prayers. (2) External and internal influences, mortal and immortal, environments linked with psychological, spiritual, and universal forms of physics. (3) Numerous areas of spirituality connected to sacred traditions, cultures, medicine lifestyles. (4) I have also learned ways to rediscover and awaken past lifestyles of my peoples, Indigenous Natives, which awakened within unique physics discoveries to connection and/or reconnect us with spiritual universe and multi—universes. One needs to understand we have personal and oneness links to unique interactive sciences, which include universal quantum physics.


  1. My mentor Grandmother M was a spiritualist ministry, people from around the world would call on a Sacred Saint, healer and miracle worker women, to pray for them. Her prayers were powerful and saved thousands of lives along with her visions, among a few of the reason most people called her Sacred Saint Mother M, and all had come to considered her a very powerful medicine woman. When she crossed, over 5,000 people came to her crossing ceremonies from all around the world including six representatives from China, six representatives from Russia, at least twenty from Muslim Countries, including every nation in Africa, every island nation, Mexico, Canada, and North America. The last three had the most representatives attending her ceremonies, and then at least 150 in total arrived from Central and South America. I did not get the count of how many church leaders, political leaders, and Chiefs attended from most of the reservation. The city had to take over the preparation for her services it got so big, and Fresno (late 1950s) could only accommodate no more than 5,000 visitors. Thus 5,500 represented almost a million people from around the world. She never wrote a book, held an office, but people considered her on par with Sacred VIP Ambassadors Grandmother M could hold her own along side Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II.


    1. If Grandmother M was Catholic, she could have been categorized "Sainted Mother M," although many leaders of the Catholic Church honored and respected her openly and referred to her by the title of Sainted Mother and even many Nuns sought her guidance. For a child, walking into a Catholic Church beside Grandmother M, observing Priest and Nuns embrace and welcome her via a title of respect, Sister or Sainted Mother M, thank you for coming. . . . We can use your help. Many time they called on her to pray for people, along with her secret/successful ways of healing through the ways she cooked and served food. Her sacred abilities through prays, touch, food and blessings all lead to the healings and wellness of others.


    1. Grandmother M loved and accepted everyone into her sacred spiritual bosom; all recognized a sacred mother embrace of love and acceptation without judgment or reservation of any type within her spirit-heart.


                                                             i.      Yes, Grandmother M, Mother Teresa, and Pope John Paul II, representatives of the Sacred Father and possessed the same sacred persona and abilities.

                                                           ii.      Amazing spiritual powers, messenger, teacher, healer, guardian, and wondrous abilities, now it was easy for me to understand, why so many spoke of her in sacred terms of a saint.

                                                         iii.      Then what I know of the Sacred Father and Council of Elders there was much more to the lives of three or more saints’ appearance, to teach and guide. One gift to humanity: learn unconditional love . . . learn how to love openly with ones spirit-heart giving forward spiritual physics filled with love.


  1. Grandmother M’s original training came from Ojibwa medicine elders. Between their knowledge learned and experienced, combined with three-centuries of Indigenous Native Scientific Sacred Awareness, ability to communicate and move across realms and it many levels of Spiritual/Universal Physics became her life lessons.
    1. Her training began even before she could speak and advanced rapidly with speech and so it was the same with me. Thus, she was young when they were old, my training began around the same age,
    2. When young, our first foundations of teachers are the eldest of spiritual elders.
    3. We continued with our research and studies, which enhanced our knowledge, then we get to the point we begin to experience our learning from the Sacred Ones.


  1. TRUTH: Grandmother M, the only woman I witnessed walk on above ground in the with air under her feet, above land and water, but personal experiences, suggest guardian angels lift her up and carry, until she completed her spiritual communications with the ones that sought her help and asked her to pray for. . . . Either she was an with the sacred abilities or angels carried Grandmother M, they kept her pure connected to the Sacred Ones, which insured everyone received their instructions in the purest of terms. At no time did she touch the ground, until she completed all necessary communications, which included letters, to phone calls and/or telegrams, to all that requested her prayers and received communications back from her.
    1. People who requested her prayers, awaited instructions linked to task they are requested to accomplish prove his or her love, concern, and personal commitment to the wellness and/ or protection of a love one, family, or friend.
  2. All that requested prayers, would receive Instructions to accomplish certain tasks. She understood the countless ways and power of prayers. (Tests, Lessons, and Awakenings we experience through prayers.) Other times certain times they will answer a prayer within minutes or hours. Yet, certain people will receive assignments to do various things to show appreciation and love or the person might have a relapse.


Different from the beginning 


Section Two: Speaking in Parables, Metaphors, and/or Allegories

Sacred Spiritual Elder recognized the truth of  Red Sun Spiritual Path




Section Two: Speaking in Parables, Metaphors/Allegories

This is my life few could understand or wanted to accept 

Section Two: Speaking in Parables, Metaphors/Allegories


Point One—Buckeye Abilities

Strange but true, for more than twenty years . . . almost twenty-one before I learned, a shocking truth . . . my unique abilities were the acceptation and not the norm.


When, how or why it happened, I cannot explain, but I grew-up speaking in parables, which to me was common during ninety-percent of my daily conversation, because of my spiritual connection, with Grandmother M, all my spiritual guardians, guides, and teachers. I think maybe I still unconsciously do write and speak in parables and it is hard trying to communicate without parable. (Conscious and Subconscious reception and transmission, perceived a great many spiritual communication in allegories/metaphors and/or parables, besides my heart speaks in allegorical style parables, too.)

Strong intense parable behavior patterns continued until . . . One honorable and respected spiritual medicine leader of the Pueblo Nation, with similar abilities took me under his protection and explained, my parable conversations, spiritual medicine talents, and tongues were not common. One who was a long time friend of Grandmother M we discovered later. It still took me a while . . . several hours speaking with him . . . before recognition of speak difference.

Spiritual proficiencies; in the areas of telepathic communication awareness of spiritual consciousness, universal/spiritual physics, communication abilities, my natural abilities to transcend and walk easily between realms. Spiritual lifestyle, not only mine but also my daughters’ comfortable, natural, commonplace comfort zone.

During the course of a three-day conversation, at a pow-wow, he allowed to discover my growing up with Grandmother M, people who work with and or respected the land, along with farmers: all are capable of developing strong compassionate spiritual connection with the natural universe filling them with spiritual awareness. Fact their environment I grew in was my confirmation to spiritual communication with the land and spiritual awareness in our environment was commonplace. . . . Grandfather answered why we sensed many of the same things that helped me accept my sensitivities and spiritual awareness, without question.

Besides, I had come to accept my Buckeye condition, meant more than just a single gift. However, in the city those without connection or compassion to Earth Mother, with a strong connection to material life continued to quickly shy away from me. They refused to understand, so in whispers, in secret with cutting tongues behind my back and on occasion to my face, repeated a combination of the words, Red Sun’s strange or Girl, you are more than a little Strange, are you Crazy or a Genius; either way we are afraid to be around you and can’t explain why.

Wow, Grandfather, now I understand why I have not been able make friends, and when I did, they quickly became estranged, since none wanted to know my background, either. Only those that felt secure in their own skin stayed around me. Strange, however, many call for my guidance and foresight, they needed help with life problems and love matters, but called me only in secret with secret names for advice. They needed my help but afraid to acknowledge me in public.



Point Important Two—Spiritual Ways Influenced my Research

Science Fair Thesis—Six years of Research

Path to New Discoveries


My opening argument was to prove me used more than ten-percent of brains. Our conscious and subconscious needs to be understand, because are minds are a power source, since we communicate on multiply levels continuously.


Telepathic communication, combined with thought-form energy makes up a major part of our communications, which one might consider a form of subliminal programming.


Finally, we have to be aware of influences from conditions (positive and negative}, which empowers or weaken each individual unit and impacts mental, emotional, and physical health.


Closing Statement: Related to the enormous influences to power our mind body and spirit have on thinking, behavior, relationships, health, how we influence our total being and the different ways we perceive positive and negative programming.


One can provide a lot of discovery and observation in 400 pages; can give technologic diagram and show how subliminal/telepathic connections play major factors in our everyday lives, which contribute to our personal developmental environments. Along with how certain individuals in the family are targets for mental attacks that can lead to further self-esteem (de or re) programming either personal destruction or construction. While others in the same family seem to have some, secret condition that catapults them to great happiness. We need to determine where each one draws upon his or her energy influences.



Point Important Two—Spiritual Ways Influenced my Research


Science Fair Thesis—Six years of Research

Path to New Discoveries


My opening argument was to prove me used more than ten-percent of brains. Our conscious and subconscious needs to be understand, because are minds are a power source, since we communicate on multiply levels continuously.


Telepathic communication, combined with thought-form energy makes up a major part of our communications, which one might consider a form of subliminal programming.


Finally, we have to be aware of influences from conditions (positive and negative}, which empowers or weaken each individual unit and impacts mental, emotional, and physical health.


Closing Statement: Related to the enormous influences to power our mind body and spirit have on thinking, behavior, relationships, health, how we influence our total being and the different ways we perceive positive and negative programming.


One can provide a lot of discovery and observation in 400 pages; can give technologic diagram and show how subliminal/telepathic connections play major factors in our everyday lives, which contribute to our personal developmental environments. Along with how certain individuals in the family are targets for mental attacks that can lead to further self-esteem (de or re) programming either personal destruction or construction. While others in the same family seem to have some, secret condition that catapults them to great happiness. We need to determine where each one draws upon his or her energy influences.



Point Critical Three—Expelled Falsely


Honorary PhD Happened


I compiled all my 400 pages of research data maybe about half of my research and entered the Science Fair—sixth grade. Overviews of six years of personal investigation, via peeping tom, shadow stocker, invasion of privacy, which could have landed me in jail or in major trouble, and no laws governing my behavior and no fences. Nevertheless, who have had guess my behavior during mid-1950s, would get me expelled from elementary school for plagiarism.


Elementary School Principal, teachers and Science Fair review board, shouted plagiarism and expelled me with five Fails:

  1. First for a liar,
  2. Second for a thief,
  3. Third for falsification of a report,
  4. Fourth for out right plagiarism
  5. One extra since they thought me too stupid to be so intelligent and too young for a write such a professional report, the quality belonged to a Professor with years of college and professional research.


Their inner-truth and belief system told them to believed life, in a different way. They convinced themselves to accept me a thief who plagiarized a report, and to present it to them revealed a hidden belief Indians are really stupid and they were too intelligence to believe that was my report. The report they read was top notch, which won the author received Top Honors for HIS Dissertation only a person with a higher intelligence could accomplished, (The report required someone with a much greater advanced intelligent no some ignorant Native American Indian and girl child.) He the author earned HIS PhD in Psychology, with a minor in Physics. Words they continued to repeat to my face, they did not realize they were inflating my ego and made me even more determined to prove my work. They believed . . . No child could accomplish such impressive, forward thinking research. They were right about forward thinking, research and they quickly became extremely red-faced when they learned MY research was forward thinking and mine, but not before . . . .


We agreed, after I would not shut-up, if I could not prove it was my work; they would expel me for the rest of the school year. I would repeat the entire sixth grade not just the last half of sixth grade. Followed up by a strong threat; "We will make sure you will not enjoy your second time around, no matter where you go."

"I am up to the challenge," stomping my foot and squaring my jaw, "Okay, bring them on; I want my court date, and if you are proven wrong I want an apology in front of the entire school." We shook hands.

First, review board of high school science teachers from Fresno and the principal. Then without explanation, they contacted UCLA and requested a Review Board from UCLA for more intense review. After the first two-review boards, expulsion reversed, but UCLA requested more extensive review and interviews. After twenty hours of questioning, for them to understand how I conducted my research and what defined my conclusions UCLA offered me an Honorary PhD in Psychology and Physics, and scholarship once I graduated from junior high.

Yes, it was laughable and humorous, I knew the truth, but people’s concepts fixate them on what they want to believe is their truth. Close minds blinds and prevent people from accepting anything else. Yes, it did earn a PhD, for the author, but not the one the principal and teachers envisioned.




Section Three—Truth is Truth

 Who I am, Why I am here, What the Sacred Father expects of me Unwrapped

Section Three: Truth is Truth…Terminology…Native Sciences

I Challenged the generic terminology of Shaman to Medicine Men and Women. In truth, we were
unique scientist who had the ability to work with quantum physics and nature.
Time for the Sleeper to Awaken
Very Powerful Awakening in this section
Truth is ageless and time less, for truth is the one thing we need to understand and recognize,
What is really interesting is how children can recognize truths longs before teenagers and preteens even. 
I have not only been one that is the seeker of truth but the seeker of spiritual facts and realities.
Thus is got me in and out of trouble in unique ways.  
Section Three—Truth is Truth  
Section Three—Truth is Truth



Point One—New Challenges


The truth is truth, and sometimes the only ones to know truths actual reality, is the Sacred Father and the individual that accomplished the said works. Truth is not the always the reality humanity wants to believe while many feel more comfortable believing half-truths or reverse truths, than acceptance of sacred realities and actual truths; which then empowers the lack of grow mentally, emotionally or on levels of universal environment. Fact: to accept truth’s reality in many proceedings takes a big leap of faith, and the desire to ride the winds of light and life eternal, which it the only way one can understand truths, all too often we put up roadblocks to acceptance of truth. Yes, I continued my research and increased my experiences, I learned much during the trials and various events. I ask are you ready to take a huge leap of faith with me?  

I would like to demonstrate to you we use volumes more of our brains, beyond ten-percent, we do have the power to enhance and create miracles, and relate on and through many levels of communication beyond our five senses. We are even more capable of greater brain functions; it starts with prayer and spiritual mental physics advancements.



Point Two— Medicine Person


Universe’s Spiritual Science Medicine


You are very Powerful Medicine Woman are words that never set right with me, they were generic and in some ways extremely insulting. Add twenty more years to life work, adventures, research, and analysis to valuable sacred traditions and spiritual ways of the indigenous peoples; and finally if lucky one can understood why.


Dictionary definitions of Medicine Man or Woman, Shaman, Witch Doctor prove too generic and show little or no understanding, and some variations were more insulting than others.


We understood OUR Gifts  


Those gifted with the ability to recognize and use Universes Spiritual Physics and Universal Quantum Physics the answers is clear. We begin our journey understanding how to use prayer power and set up our own place in the House of my Sacred Father our many mansions. The mansions the Sacred Father envisioned were not huge churches or buildings, but an area one or a group of eternal spirits join together to learn. We (our sacred spirit of eternal light and life are the mansions, referred to in the House of the Sacred Father are many mansions; our eternal spirits enter it by way of our prayers, faith, meditations, sacred love, deeds, sprit-heart, seekers of knowledge and acceptance. In time, it will answer who are the ones that create your sacred land. Learning in the House of my Sacred Father is the true beginning of ones sacred spiritual journey and you can go there in spirit now, for this is your sacred place, too.



Point Two-A Not Medicine Men


Universes Spiritual Scientific Physicists



  Vast areas of spiritual physics became the sacred place indigenous peoples had strong connections with and understood how to tap into universal physics and advanced knowledge. The place of awakenings, awareness, enlightenment, and learning the place we were able to connect our where oneness begins. Many were before the invasion and some still are universes spiritual physicists, spiritual scientists with the abilities to work within the fields of physics and enrich conditions with our spiritual abilities and knowledge. We do not predetermine what our sacred path, abilities, prime directive or primary objectives are in this lifetime for each one develops over many lifetimes, and then when we least expect our enlightenment . . . we are ready to take an even greater journeys.


Only recently has humanity began to investigate what we knew

Universal Awareness of Universes Physics

We were Spiritual Scientific Physicists

Before 1400’s 


Yes, for centuries we walked a different path of development, gained extensive knowledge of and strong connection to . . . the Sacred Father and Universe spiritual/universal physics, including quantum physics. For centuries we past our sacred knowledge along to those who would use the wisdom and gifts in a sacred way: one of the other reasons we had many clans and teachers. (Clans equates to spiritual schools for training and development. Spiritual Science/Medicine Physicists equates to college professors and leaders.) Some returned and started college before they could walk. Certain people developed their abilities and wisdom across many lifetimes then when needed, returned ready, to help teach and guide the people on new and sacred journey of Spiritual Advancements.

Many learned how to work with quantum physics, spiritual physics, and countless other universal connections. They are the ones whose life and energies connected to the sacredness of the universe. All training began with the understanding and abilities to pray in the sacred way. Example of born ready across many lifetimes: Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Grandmother M, and others, just so you can see it is not religious pacific. The only difference, between declaration of Sainthood, the Catholic Church kept better records and/or they were the only ones that recorded the many sacred abilities certain people in their church possessed while they rejected and denounced all others.

(A question that has been eating at me for a very along time, Why, has so much death and destruction happened, in the name of . . . because of articles the Churches decrees and self-righteous viewpoints.)




Point Three—Terminology

Sacred Spiritual Indigenous Native Medicine Scientist


 Universal Sacred Research Abilities

NOT Medicine Men or Women

Honest Terminology Equates into Sacred Life of Universal Elders who worked with daily, and experienced Physics & Quantum Physics on a Universal Level

Our Sacred Elders were did not believe in titles and power, but our abilities meant duties and responsibilities to the peoples, nature, Mother Earth, Sacred Father, all things sacred, spiritual and universal.


Scientists, Psychologist, Theology, Medical Doctors, Astrophysicist, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Physics with the Sacred Universe and Earth Mother, Universal Physicists, Teachers, Leaders, Spiritual Warriors, Warrior Chiefs aka Generals and governing body, we were nations of great wisdom and knowledge.

Across time the Churches and Government, did not acknowledge and refused to accept or understand the lifestyle of indigenous peoples. If hey accepted, they would have to acknowledge we were a nation of people, whose abilities and knowledge they feared, and land they wanted, so how could they respect and honor those they wanted to destroy. The invaders bundled everything under hostile and in their opinion used numerous degrading terms for our Spiritual Leaders, and Sacred Spiritual Indigenous Native Medicine Scientist of medicine men, and women, witch doctors and shamans. Negative terminology of animals and demons in their way,

For protection, scores of the sacred people went to sleep.


Now is the time for the sleeper to awaken.



Point Four—If one Experiences one can Understand


Granted if one has not experienced one does not understand, and it is harder to explain, since languages concepts very and with our knowledge base was knowingness based on oneness of spirit teachings. Thus, word concepts lacked the energy of spirit to relate in a few short words, what ones sacred eternal spirit of life and light experience and absorb. If one has spent a good portion if not all of ones entire life involved with indigenous culture and sciences; along with experience and  interactive involvement, witnessing and/or working with the universes spiritual teachings, spiritual sciences, sacred medicines and physics, I could see where one might consider it some form of dark magic. Especially, if you’re told and believe life is in black and white, you are white and everything else is black.

Suggestion: Go to the largest library and see it you can learn all and work with all the knowledge. Now tell me, would it not be hard to understand the vast amount of knowledge our people used and possessed on a daily basis, when your knowledge base and foundation were different; which is why our culture has always been presented as abstract.

Strange how some things barely change, we were/are an unknown factor, they saw things the same way the elementary school principal, and teachers (who grew up with extreme prejudices) saw things, and refused to believe, the truth. I was guilty until proven innocent. Thus my point says all who came and grew-up in the shadow of false believes, saw their religion in one-direction and anything other, than their way, they perceived, their inferior. They perceived children their inferior from the beginning. Yes, I could have past myself off as white, but then I would have to lie and build my life on lies.

Indigenous Natives are, (they learned), nothing more than ignorant lost children that needed others to take care of them. Or so they wanted and needed to believe. Indigenous children all practiced the dark arts, which gave them the right to consider our ways, dark, demonic and made it right for them to convince themselves we invoked the demons of witches. Especially during their era of witch-hunt fears and belief system and self-righteous indignation belief systems, which for various reasons continue to feed hate in different ways, by those who refused to take the time to learn?

Our doctors and teachers they called Shaman and Witch Doctors, the name Medicine Man was a term coined later. I have noticed various parts of our world’s social structure are starting to come around, and recognize we had a strong society unity. People are beginning to realize we combined our sciences, cultures, traditions, with natural medicines, and universes quantum physics, which incorporates amazing levels of spiritual relationship with universal awareness, coupled with our connection to the Sacred Father’s spiritual universe of universal knowledge together with physics to achieve the harmony, we only see in a few great ones these days.

Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Grandmother M and several other great Spiritual Leaders and Healers, (I have known this lifetime) who walked with a sacred harmony. Truths reality, the ones they called Saints we considered among our people, Sacred Spiritual Leaders. However, this harmony was the norm among the indigenous people, which enriched our sacred unity and oneness.




Section Four—Heart Speaks

If you have read this far then you realize why I have been concerned and why it is important
For me to share with you the knowledge I have gained and/or reawakened.
The time has come for sleepers to awakened and my heart needs to speak and share the spiritual knowledge long sidesteps.
Once you complete reading this section and want to still be friends
I welcome you

Section Four—Heart Speaks

Point One-Sacred Spirit-Heart Awakens to Sacred Love


Heart Needs to Hear

Heart Needs to Speak

Heart Needs to Release


Right now, the voice of my spirit says:

It is time to explore and expose, why ones heart wants to sing for joy and why it wants me to release that which a part of Red Sun has been trying to hide and if you hide, does it not mean you are trying to deny ones Sacred Truth?

What my heart wants to release, is the reality of what I have wanted to hide. It is hard to believe, but only time will explain why there are great tears of JOY and HAPPY, awakening to brightness of light singing out and shining up and touching the spirit sky. I am beginning to feel and hear in my throat and if I do not speak them, they will chock off my breathing and stop my heart for trying to shallow and stop them from coming forth, if I do not speak.

Remember, can you answer why across more than three-decades across numerous Sacred Spiritual Leaders, Honorable Chiefs, and Sacred Spiritual/Medicine Elders and Spiritual Warrior Elders; were shown and sent to ask you to accept your life. They want you to awaken to the sacred reality within the words: which arrives each one linked to you sacred visitation visions, along with all your personal visits with the Sacred Father. Links the Sacred Ones designed to help you make the connection and awaken to your sacred life journey. If not truth, can you explain why each received from the Sacred Father all he had told and shown you in the exact same way, across more than three-decades? Can you explain why you were silent, why? You knew what they were saying.

Can you recall what they have said to you each time and what the Sacred Ones said to you?


Elders received in their visions, along with other information:

Know this my sacred children of the Red Nation. The one you seek to know is Red Sun, a Sacred Child of the Red Nations, whose blood and spirit is of the Red Nation. I have sent her to help save the people; she is a very powerful medicine woman with my blessings.

 Know this and know it well, without her thousands of lives will be lost and thousands of more lives will perish needlessly . . .  without her. The spirit and the blood of her parents belong to the Red Nation. Yes, the sacred life and light spirits of her parents are of the Red Nation, she is a child who belongs to all the Red Nations of my Sacred Children.


My visitation visions with the Sacred Ones and Sacred Father:

"Red Sun, my Sacred Child, know this your are Red Native, a child of the Red People and the Red Circle, your blood and spirit belongs to the Red Nation. Your spirit is entirety Red but the flesh is 3/4th Red, but are a sacred child of the Red People. I tell you this so you will know you need to go back to you people, you are important to your people. Go back to your people, for they need you, you are important to them, they understand you why, but know the people need you.


Each time, life on the verge, standing in the Sacred Eternal Fire or visiting with the Sacred Father next the eternal flame, and/or surrounded by Sacred Ones, and in a manner only the Sacred Ones can with communication on several levels they would instill their knowledge in the following set of communication:


"Red Sun, know this . . . (None other you are the only one chosen) Thousands of lives (not hundred but thousands upon thousands) will be lost without you. The people need you for in time without you thousands more with perish needlessly, the people will be lost and perish without you. The people need you or they will perish needlessly without you (it is important you understand)."


For a small child to hear the words, a child hear only words, maybe ones own imagination. Years move fast when ones lifetime is in the hands of the Sacred Father, Archangels and Sacred Ones, for it is they that have always directed my life and watched after me. Visitation visions of more than twenty times, at different times in different places, I received the same message, along with countless others during different ceremonies. However, each one came with another set of instructions and sacred information.

For a while in my teens and twenties, the weight of the vision sometimes seems very heavy and seems almost impossible to bear, but you knew it was as it would be. Then I received the sacred summons for visitations to the Sacred Father, in his chamber of my twenty-first year, I learned about the purpose, all my sacred powers, things I would need to learn, and knowledge that I needed to reawaken, to save the people. Part of my path was to combine the sacred wisdom of the ancients, the traditions, cultures, and medicine ways and bring them into present day understanding and knowledge.


If any of you have read certain articles on this blog site you will remember certain statements from visitation visions, which made me, sound narcissistic when in truth these word came from the Sacred Ones and other elders. Yes, the directive carried forth a theme within the heart of their major message. What I have needed to accept and say, were inside the spirit of the words and visions. I needed to say and accept who I am, but even then uncertainty still lingered. Along with; doubt, maybe I should sugarcoat the words or runaway from the truths I knew. Hiding from my deepest secret is harming thousands and in turn harming me, too. Truth, once I acknowledge and accept statements written or spoken there is not turning back:


Elder said: Extremely Powerful Medicine Woman, many stated they have wanted me to accept the generic title without meaning, which felt nothing more than narcissistic idealism, akin to saying there can be only one, which is misleading. Implying some one who must sit on a throne and give orders, sorry that is not me. Universes Spiritual Elders of Sacred Spiritual Medicines addresses the wisdom of those who decide, (or decided) to undertake one of many sacred spiritual journeys.

When I was younger, before I understood the Terminology, I have outlined in section three, I questioned why of elders … How could that be I am not a doctor of herbs or flesh, blood, and bones?

If you have not lived or experienced the lessons of the Sacred Father teachings, you cannot teach it. What most of us fail to realize is what we work with in lesser degrees, various forms of physics daily and deal with certain sacredness stage of universal physics? The sacred knowledge of cultural/traditional sciences combined with sacred universal/spiritual physics, we have the beginning now lets find individual foundations. We can tap into and develop our inner-personal and spiritual abilities to work with and understand the universe’s spiritual/quantum physics, for starters. WE do not invoke the demons, but we do work with the Sacred One and not against them.  


What the Sacred Father, assigned this one to learn, achieve, and experience; awakening eternal spiritual light of life and ones connection to mental/physical physics, use of sacred spiritual energies, psychology, physiology, and philosopher. Déjà Vu quick flash on my prior research, science report, Honorary PhD in Psychology and minor in Physics, and so much more as my life journey filled with experiences continue.


Twelfth rewrite this paragraph:

Hard to write, express, or articulate because once firmly expressed it means, confirmation of acceptance to follow directions the Sacred Father and Sacred Ones sent me to handle. Truth, once posted there is no turning back. Formality of presentation matters not or lack there of, because it says:

Sacred Father I accept your will, for me to be one of your Universe’s Spiritual Physicists Philosopher of Sacred Spiritual Medicines and Warrior Woman. Experiences and lessons galore . . . I accept my duty and responsibility to the people. What my confirmation really means in my heart, not title or position, but duties and responsibilities to the Sacred Father’s sacred children.


My heart hopes, these abbreviations of my life’s research/journey, allows you to understand why I speak the way I do. What I speak is truth from spirit-heart, which heart hopes you can read the truths spoken from my heart, to each one of you who reads with an open-mind and spirit. Only then will you recognize I speak to you across many layers of communications.

Section Five—Spirit Mood Point Critical Question

Interested in learning about the Power of and Ways of Prayers.



Section Five—Spirit Mood Point Critical Question

A time for Blessings and Love to All 
Section Five –Spirit Mood Point and Critical Question
Last Section to Red Sun Unwrapped

Section Five—Spirit Mood Point Critical Question


Interested taking a complete journey with me

Experience life blessings and discover the Sacred Power and Wondrous Ways of Prayers.

In the process one can learn to develop ones, own prayer foundations.

Discover ones innermost life for the development of spiritual awareness.



In many of my articles, I want to change around and stop playing it safe, but to give you the entire pray from the foundation up. Instead of saying I prayed, I would like to share with you what happen. The many life journeys and adventures, which developed and the sacred ways to pray, if you are interested? (FYI:  The prayers are non-sectarian, non-denominational, and neither race nor nationality pacific. Pray is a universe of sacred spiritual/universal physics.

Now I want to share with you, some of the unique ways I learned, to pray and at the same time help you to develop a spiritual/universal relationship. Bonus to the way sacred elders taught me, you will be able to understand sense the sacred flow of spiritual life energies and learn how to work with spiritual physics. If you are interested let me know I would love to hear from you.

Prayers can enrich amazing quantum power, once one learns what to do and how to make it happen. Each time you/we pray for the wellness healing of another; you/we open our heart, spirit, mind, and total being up to the Sacred Father, angels, ones ancestors, guardians, and/or spirit guides.


Today, after years of experience, I firmly believe and accept we can do so much more with Prayers, because it is the window to and enhance our Spiritual Physics, in ways, many only dream of, no matter what we start with pray to help cultivate and improve our environments  in a positive direction:

Pray power had great abilities, if one has faith, and when handled right, each can move mountains. Faith the size of a mustard seed can grow to fill ones spirit-heart and life and then the spirit-heart of others. Our total oneness of Mind, Body, and Spirit can enhance our ability to understand and use amazing Spiritual Physics. Faith can help a person survive, while fear takes one or many in the opposite direction and invites death. Prays can influence the direction of life and history. We were never dumb, savages, people needed to believe.  

One needs to learn to pray without fear and/or lacking faith in ones spirit-heart.

[Example: Preconceived concepts can be harmful and destructive, as you read about my Honorary PhD incident and the behavior of others that wanted to believe their perceived truth and refuse to see or accept the sacred reality of truth.]



If any of you are interested, I need your input. I too am interested in reading your opinions. You can email me or post your opinions this prologue is the deciding factor, which way this and my other sites go. Looking forward to reading you opinions—In sincere spiritual love from Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk


Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk 2008



The end of Red Sun EagleHawk Unwrapped

I would like your opinions and comments



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