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Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

To answer a question I have been seeing in a few places across the World Wide Web. To answer that question is the simplest way possible. I have lived a very extreme life, for a number of reason, but mainly to reawaken the sacred traditional truths and values of the Indigenous Native Peoples that were here long before this land was invaded. My purpose is to help connect the past with the present and the future.

God is Red and the Indigenous Native Peoples of this land were his sacred people. It was not meant for the whites to destroy, but for them to learn the sacred ways from the Peoples of this land. Now I come to show the way the sacred ways, traditions, culture, knowledge and medicine still exist. We can become one with the Spiritual Universe again, and if we do not we might be lost forever.

How I lived taught me many truths and allowed me to understand a great deal or universal knowledge. No, I am not a god or goddess; I am only one of many messenger/teacher, maybe if you read the section below you might get a glimpse at why I appear so strange or detached, from what most consider the main stream of life. I life in this universe, with one-foot in the spiritual realm all the time, and the other trying to connect with life here.

In truth and planned by the Sacred Ones and Sacred Father wanted the  Sacred Truths long denied the people we taught and awaken them to the sacred truths, break the bonds that enslaved them, and correct the twisted words by others, who claimed the one called Jesus taught and wanted them to follow. They meant for us help to awaken the people and in the process Mother Earth and humanity would have been able to walk together in harmony. Thus we would by now be physically, mentally and spiritually so much more advanced.