Nez Perce, Assiniboine, and Salish born of the WhiteBear Clan …Tall Walking Standing (Silver tip) WhiteBear it is my Grandfather that call to me and walks with me in a sacred way so I can help my people. Yes, a very tall Sacred White Bear stands with me, too. The one that walks with me is taller than a two story-house.

I am Indigenous Native Nez Perce, Salish, Assiniboine. Married to a wonderful Sioux/Cheyenne man, who was more than a husband, best friend, and lifetime partner, we walked the same path in life. He never bought dishonored on his family, neither abusive nor violent towards his children or me. He made sure we never went without, even when his career took him away from home more than home, your marriage remained strong for more than 28 years until his crossing.

My spiritual, medicine, and traditional teachings began before I could speak nd continued  by one considered Saintly, Sacred Spiritual Mother, who was trained by the Ojibwa Spiritual leaders in Nebraska before the Dust Bowl, yes, they were elders trained since they were young and then they began Grandmother M training when she was very young. Yet, she was an elder when I was young and she began my training.

She also received additional training from the Sioux, Apache, Salish, and Dine. She taught more than a million people in the Sacred Spiritual way of our people, she was a missionary that claimed to use the bible but taught our spiritual traditions and use the same to heal. She was the happiest when she was helping others or working with her hands and feet in Mother Earth.

Now after 60 years of life experiences, training, lessons, spiritual research and universal guidance, I received visions, (rather strong visions) revealing it is time to share these lessons with my people and those that want to accept and follow the traditional ways…

Personal Info:

*You can say Indigenous Native or First People Native, but I am insulted when someone calls me American Indian, because I am not a puppet of the so-called US American Indian. My spirit is universal traditional and sacred; which is not for sell, or trade to the religion of the strange churches and religions that came from across the big waters

*My heart and spirit stands with the Sacred Ones, their teachings and guidance. No matter where I travelled, or where I others hide me, or how far I was away from my biological family, it mattered not . . . . The GREAT SPIRIT, SACRED ONES, and GUARDIANS did not ignore me, turn their backs on me, or deny me the sacred truths of my relations.

*Grandmother M was more than a medicine woman for she was a Sacred Wisdom Keeper, Healing, Guardian, Guide, Grandmother of the Peoples, (which others translated into Saintly Mother and truly a very Sacred Mother of the Peoples). This sacred mother was my mentor, guardian, protector, and the one that saved me many times from death and on a few occasions brought me back even after I have crossed.

She had one gift I wish I could have learned: being in a crowd and not seen or walk among ones enemies and yet, they could not see or sense her. This gift is what she used to protect me from many enemies after a violent break in, which left many shot, when some lived and others died. Years, later I was informed the church feared me because of prophesy spoken and visions received. They feared I would cause a revolution against the church, but the fact was I would bring about revelations. I would expose the things they wanted to hide, and thus the church offered money and booze to those that killed mother and child.

Grandmother M received a number of visions about a child who was here to help the people the child is Red Sun. Before this event took place, she received instruction revealing whom to see, who to be aware of, and whom to speak with, along with who and what was behind the plot. The vision also told her what she needed to do to and who she could trust to help rescue the child, Red Sun from death.

This is how she became my grandmother and it was through her my training began, which was the other part of her visions; she was to teach me in the sacred ways. Her teachings became my foundation. And her spiritual guidance has stated with me. But like I said before just because I was removed from my reservation and taken from my relations, the Great Spirit, Sacred Ones, Guardians, Elders and Ancients have neither denied me nor failed to teach me so I could return to help the peoples of the nations.

The term PEOPLES of the NATIONS is not something to for one to take lightly, especially after I received a sacred medicine shield, quiver with arrows, a bow, and to guardians with lance and spear to stand with me. When they arrived I was told the sacred power I have received, was determined by the Highest of the Most High Council of Chiefs and the Great Spirit, I received the power meant for me to help protect and watch over the peoples of the nations.

Several medicine men and Chiefs spoke with the Sacred Father during ceremonies and learned answered to the power gifted  . . . . In truth, the sacred medicine came not for one nation of tribe, but for all the peoples since we are all one sacred nation. Before the medicine shield arrived, I received a very sacred buffalo skull, prepared for me by the Grandfathers and afterwards a medicine pipe, the Sacred Ones ordered past to me, after I past several tests to prove I was intone with and connected to the medicine pipe.

Remember: in the heart, mind and eyes of the Sacred Ones, we do not need to have paperwork to prove we are his children of the Sacred People of his Red Nation or any of his sacred children even, if we have been given numerous bodies our sacred spirits of the Red Circle of Life are still stand together in his Sacred Universe. So why has so many of our people come to say the Sacred Father and Elders had forsaken them.


Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

To answer a question I have been seeing in a few places across the World Wide Web. To answer that question is the simplest way possible. I have lived a very extreme life, for a number of reason, but mainly to reawaken the sacred traditional truths and values of the Indigenous Native Peoples that were here long before this land was invaded. My purpose is to help connect the past with the present and the future.

God is Red and the Indigenous Native Peoples of this land were his sacred people. It was not meant for the whites to destroy, but for them to learn the sacred ways from the Peoples of this land. Now I come to show the way the sacred ways, traditions, culture, knowledge and medicine still exist. We can become one with the Spiritual Universe again, and if we do not we might be lost forever.

How I lived taught me many truths and allowed me to understand a great deal or universal knowledge. No, I am not a god or goddess; I am only one of many messenger/teacher, maybe if you read the section below you might get a glimpse at why I appear so strange or detached, from what most consider the main stream of life. I life in this universe, with one-foot in the spiritual realm all the time, and the other trying to connect with life here.

In truth and planned by the Sacred Ones and Sacred Father wanted the  Sacred Truths long denied the people we taught and awaken them to the sacred truths, break the bonds that enslaved them, and correct the twisted words by others, who claimed the one called Jesus taught and wanted them to follow. They meant for us help to awaken the people and in the process Mother Earth and humanity would have been able to walk together in harmony. Thus we would by now be physically, mentally and spiritually so much more advanced.