Good Friday Painful Truth from the Cross


Good Friday Painful Truth from the Cross

Who wants to Wake-up taking the Place of Christ on the Cross?



When one experiences the sacred truth of the crucifixion, suffereing on thesacred crossing of the he who is the son of the Sacred Father, became a very powerful message, which reveals an unexpected universal truth. Something people think of but all too often fail to understand or accept 


Early Good Friday morning, no one awake in the house when I awake stretched out, in the position of one nailed to a cross. Yes, I lay particle on the bed, in a room with two dogs sleeping around me, to learn more about, the reason for the Sacred Son, to shed his blood for all of humanity, so all might have life eternal.

Truth, too much pain, can send one into mental freefall; and I was close to the edge of mental collapse, since I was in great pain, beginning with wreath of thorns driven into my head, nails driven into my wrist, not the palms, as depicted. The Romans soldiers planned to increase the punishment and pain, so they only slightly lashed my arms to the cross, so my body weight would quickly tear away my bone, muscles, and flesh from my wrist.

          Gravity pulls on body, which pulls on wrists, beyond any normal crucifixion, because they stretched our legs out longer than normal, preventing any form of body support. There was no block of wood under our feet either, which was common when they lash or nail a person to a cross. The Romans wanted to make sure this person suffered a good deal more than all the others. They mocked and inflicted pain on the Sacred Son, in only the cruelest of minds could perceive. They appeared possessed by all forms of evil.

Who can say if the Romans or evil wanted to torture the Sacred Son of the Sacred Father and twisted words of deception proclaimed his proclaimed himself to be the King of Kings, who preformed many miracles. Now they taunted, teased and inflicted tortuous pain, since the King Almighty, who is the worker of miracles and possesses the ultimate power, should be able to free his self from these bonds and show everyone his power.


Even over the pain, which was only a small portion of the pain, the Son of the Sacred Father experienced, during this time of suffering for the sins of humanity, which must have been unimaginable for us to comprehend. However, what I experienced with each dark thought, each anger statement, display of hatred, mocking and teasing, including all other forms of impure act, the pain inflicted on ones spirit increased. The sins of humanity were exceptionally strong this day and it cast pain across the universe. I do not think even heaven was ready for all the sinful behavior by so many.

A soft voice speaks and tells me I am experiencing only part of the pain the Sacred Son of the Eternal Father of Light and Life Eternal suffers this day. This day for every seven voices of dark hatred, projected upon the Sacred Son, one could sense a heart of love and compassion. The projection thoughts or voices from sacred hearts of love and compassion helped to ease a small portion of pain and offers comfort to one who was suffering beyond comprehension and endurance.


Then without warning, we feel a spear rammed into my side, through our lung, and only stopped once the spear tip, punched a small-hole in our laryngitic. The Roman Solider defined his power by his killing moment. For he rammed the spear with such vengeance and force, he became the killer. He helped to end our suffering, but in the eyes of the universe, he proved he was the greatest destroyer of humanity, a man that lives for the taste of death.


The World Fell into Total Darkness


Here you see specks of light but that day the only specks of light were from torches and oil lamps. The earth fractured in anger and violence, people huddled together in fear. He who killed the sacred son and those that condemned him would never find happiness and their souls would never find peace until his return.



What happened next, our physical life ended, the world fell into total darkness. Not just in a small-localized area, under the control of Roman, but all around the world. (I use the term our . . . because it quickly became impossible for me to separate our consciousness and/or spiritual awareness.) Thus, our physical life ended, Son of the Sacred One and visitor Red Sun. Our minds conscious of the physical body’s suffering continued to scream for a few seconds afterwards.

Then we begin to transcend, and I observe the entire world tremble under a universe of great darkness, the colors, lights, and songs of the universe, disappeared, along with any form of moon light. No longer could one see the sun, the universe hid from all on earth. Nothing shined or looked upon the earth, it was a time when even the stars in the universe expressed great sorrow. The darkness so great and overpowering it prevented a candle from shining, or even lighting a small corner in ones home.

For this, was the darkness that happened at the hour of his crossing and continued for sometime? One very powerful message, which I do not think many wanted to accept of believe the possibility they killed the sacred son of the Father Eternal. The darkness added to the fear and violence, so none wanted to confess in public, they knew him and he was the sacred savior of humanity. Nevertheless, only then did many realize they had crucified the wrong man.


Not an Expected Good Friday Journey


What needs personal clarification, about in-house environmental influences on others in the house, while I was on this crucifixion journey of awareness/experiences. In all a two-hour journey, which first lead up to the moment of and beyond the first hour of his sacred crossing. Absolutely, unexpected as the physical Red Sun form lay with my eyes open, unable move or speak, but living all the events of those twophours Body lays motionless on a bed, for we experienced an event, which nailed us to a cross. Pain was unbelievable when I did try to move a single muscle.

A soft voice explains it was time to learn the truth of what happened that day. One-guardian-spirit transports spirit to a place in the universe, which allows Red Sun to learn via experience with the Sacred Son, a day not restaged or relived but the actual day. Yes, I can say it is a very powerful way for Red Sun to understand the truth and the power of an event, many even now question.

Nevertheless, it is hard to explain, why Red Sun receives a summons, to share such an experience, which includes all the sensation of the environment, weather, sounds, visual through the eyes of the Sacred Son, and spiritually deal with the persona of the crowds. The painful wrath of thorns, spikes not nails, cuts received from some who enjoyed doing adding to the torture, while he walked through the crowds, carrying his cross, open wounds on our back, and the spikes combined with body weight, slowly ripping everything in our wrists apart, (not in the palms) but in an area more damaging and destructive. The spikes cut through the veins in the wrists, and we are slowly bleeding out, from the wrist, too. This shared experience is not something I want to do again.


Read the Sacred Message in the Symbolism of Events



The Sacred Light from the Sacred Father, Archangel of the Sacred Light and countless angels shined bright in the sky to announce the arrival of the Sacred Son of He who is the Light Eternal. The guardian angels and the Archangel assigned to watch over the Sacred Son and the heavens shined bright. Yes, his was and is a great deal more than a sacred spiritual life journey.

At the time, of the body’s death and the true spirit of the sacred son’s crossing, all that gave this world light disappeared, departed, and/or refused to give life support, to let the world know they the darkness of their spirit, which is the reason all went black. His departure took with him the sacred heart of the Sacred Mothers, and Earth Mother sacred sounds. No one could hear or experience anything but cold, silent, darkness, not one universal life song, combined with and eerie silent, gave cause to fear for they had to face all their sins, during that hour.


This few events shows many reasons the Sacred Son shed his blood to cleanse the lands and its people of all their sins. While he was here he gave no instruction for people to build churches, or use their money to buy their way into the Sacred House of the Eternal Father. Ones sacred respect and spiritual love for all of humanity, expresses ones love Sacred Ones and/or to honor the Sacred Father or any of the others that receive the title of Saint.

He did not come to start churches, but to point us on a spiritual path of enlightenment. Awaken humanity to the sacred oneness, and what can do to obtain are spiritual enlightenment. We are all the same in the eyes of the Sacred Father Eternal, who is the Eternal Light of Life Eternal. Across the countless centuries, people have referred to him by many names, but he is the same Sacred Eternal Father. We too are eternal bodies of light, made in his image, which if you stop to look at it; we are all brothers and sisters and no more. Question: Why is it we allow our outer shell to dictate our behavior, since we are all brothers and sisters of the sacred light eternal?



8 thoughts on “Good Friday Painful Truth from the Cross”

  1. Red Sun you have such a powerful gift to describe metaphysical states of being and take on this journey with you. Yes to imagine the physical pain, psychological torture while maintaining his own faith and obedience is such a humbling time. As always I will return to read and find more lessons embedded within your find writing. Like how you specify he did come that we build churches and that his life is such a powerful example of living large Sacred Teachings. I do so cherish your open sharing. Thank-you.

  2. Where to or more are gathered in my name I shall be there, if I am not mistaken it is not a temple he is asking for, but at the time the Romans, Hebrews, and many other cultures were always building temples and shrines for their gods. True there are always keepers of the knowledge, whose only job is to seek the truth and keeping the TEACHNINGS SACRED AND PURE to teach the people how to walk , understand and follow the sacred spiritual path. What I shared was a journey not of my choosing, but the Angels took me to that moment in universal events and allowed me to experience, and understand the sacred oneness of the universe. The only thing I can say the pain was greater than labor pains, combined with kidney and gall stones, this Sacred Son of the Light Eternal and the Savior of Humanity experienced. It was the hatred of humanity that really killed him so quickly on the cross, the mob mentality and the heart of a killer. The reason he died so quickly was how deep the spear went. For is was driven in mocking hatred.

  3. Very powerful writing Red Sun. I would agree with your comment below that it is not a temple he is asking for….when stating "Where two or more are gathered in my name I shall be there…" In answer to your question above i would say to you that the Sacred Eternal Father gave us all free will….that should we choose to come to him we would do so freely….that we would be his children….and he would be our father….As such there will always be those who are lost to him. Those who choose to walk in the darkness rather than walking in the light….that is the Sacred Eternal Father. Those who have ears will listen and understand…..Thanks for sharing with us my friend Red Sun 😉 xx

  4. Yes, Europa, although I did not state it this time but everyone has free will and freedom of choice is always there, and yes there are going to be those that choice to follow the darkness as shown in the events of that day. Every type of persona was there that day and some that considered themselves the most righteous were the most dangerous and dishonorable. While the ones looked upon as dishonorable and not righteous, many of those held more honor and respect in their hearts than the Roman soldiers and the heads of the churches.I know I am going to hear the screams here but all too often I have found greater evil and dark tricksters in the church than I find in those that do not go to church. In fact, I am beginning to think the demons have taken over control of a great many of the dogmatic churches. I am talking about religious organizations in all nations across all many lands and countries.They are more corrupt and greed than the people they proclaim sinners and need to go to church or burn in hell. The Savior and the Sacred Father never said those word nor many others and yet many of the words were also twisted.

  5. A beautiful piece of writing Red Sun.. a journey of pain you endured, but one in which our angelic realm gave you an honour in partaking of that experience.I agree Jesus did not ask that we build Churches, and as Europa said "Where two or more are gathered in my name I shall be there…" Many Churches I feel Put their collection plates to the fore of their activities.. And still hold many prejudices.. It is not those who are in their congregations, but many who run them.. Within our own district we had a family who ran a Bethel Church.. They were creaming off the funds and living a luxurious life style until exposed by the media.We are all brothers and sisters regardless of colour, regardless to which church we attend if any.. God, our Sacred Father is within each of us.. We forget in this modern day to see the TRUTH..We all have ‘Free Will’ But our collective actions within our societies are what is creating our realities.We are all indoctrinated with the importance of material wealth.. And have forgotten the Spiritual wealth/Path that is our inherent right from birth. Jesus said Love one another.. ‘IF Only’ we could see that, instead of the Greed and hatred that is being spread. We who have ‘Free Will’ may once again turn our skies into shadow if we do not awaken to the facts.. Let us not become another Roman Empire! Love and Blessings xx

  6. A very powerful spiritual experience. the vibrations of it still echoes through time, you were honoured to be givensuch insight


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